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federal financial relief

BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!

BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!


Single moms–take advantage of these amazing government grants ASAP

Single moms–take advantage of these amazing government grants ASAP

It’s hard being a single parent, especially being a single mother. There’s the child who needs attention and there are bills that need to be paid.

Those who come from low-income families or do not get much-needed support from their loved ones will have an even more difficult time. After all, there’s no financial help nor assistance in childcare. And in so many cases, a single mom needs money fast. So, what’s a single mother who is struggling to make ends meet?

Fortunately, there are plenty of government programs that are designed to help for single mothers or even single fathers. Plus, there are also plenty of institutions, non-government organizations or charities that can help any single mothers.

What to remember when applying for free grants for single mothers and programs—check your eligibility!

Single parents help from the government comes in different forms. The US Federal Government formulates, creates programs and gives funding to states to administer major assistance programs. States also shell out some of their own money to fund these programs as well as create their own.

What applicants should keep in mind is that these programs have a limited budget. As such, there are eligibility criteria and applicants are to be vetted properly. Some requirements may include financial capabilities and family size. Most of these assistance programs also require applicants to be a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen.

Here’s how to start looking for financial assistance from the U.S. government

When looking for financial assistance programs provided by the U.S. government one should check out benefits.gov, a website that helps one find out which types of government programs they can avail. One can find emergency housing for single mothers or emergency financial assistance for single mothers, to name a few. The website also provides information on the application process.

Applicants should use the site’s Benefits Finder and answer questions about themselves to know if they qualify for programs that help pay for insurance, food and other basic needs.

Likewise, the benefits.gov will help beneficiaries know if they can still qualify for other additional benefits after catastrophic life events.

There are many government grant for single mother. These would include food stamps, TANF cash assistance, CCAP, and WIC, to name a few. These grants help mothers who are supporting their kids on their own, especially during hard times.

Other organizations outside of government provide a variety of programs and assistance for single parent struggling. These range from free food, car repair help for single mothers, and hardship grants for single mothers, homes for single mothers, to name a few

Check out the Federal Pell Grant

The Pell Grant program is one of the biggest student aid programs in the United States. It offers grants roughly amounting to a total of $6200 to those who badly need help in going to college. For 2017, the Pell Grant awarded more than $28.2 billion to around seven million students nationwide. Many people also refer to this as the Obama school grants for single mothers during President Obama’s administration.

How does this grant help single mothers? This grant allows single mothers who want to go back to formal education but do not have the monetary means to do so. It also helps a single mother re-enter the labor force. What’s great about this program is that it’s a single mom grant for school and not a loan. This means recipients do not have to worry about returning the amount they received.

How to apply

Those who are interested in availing this school grants for single mother should fill up the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. Both returning and first-time to enroll in college are highly encouraged to file their applications regardless if they believe they qualify or not.

FAFSA is a requirement for every kind of financial aid like scholarships such as Pell grants. It is the first step in getting the funds one needs to fund his or her college education.

The application starts as early as October 1st for the next school year while the deadline for submitting applications is on the 30th of June every year. This means, those who are applying for scholarships for single moms 2020 can apply as early as October 1st of 2019.

Remember the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant or FSEOG is a lot like the Pell Grant. It is a supplemental grant, which awards cash assistance for single moms and other students based on who needs the money most. This means that those with “the absolute highest levels of need” are prioritized according to the Expected Family Contribution. Another qualification is that the applicant must also be a Pell Grant recipient.

The supplemental grant ranges from $100 to $4000 per year depending on one’s gravity of need and availability of funds.

Take a Look at the Federal Work-Study Program

The FWS or the Federal Work-Study as its name suggests is an “earn-as-you-study” financial aid program that’s shouldered by the federal government. It’s one of the school programs for single moms that allows them to make some money through part-time work either inside or outside their campuses. In most cases, the partial work is in the chosen field of study of the student. In a way, this program is a way to get paid to go to school single mothers.

Students get a monthly pay by working up to 20 hours per week. The monthly pay is computed on their hourly wages multiplied by their number of hours worked.

However, those applying for the program should temper their expectations as this option can only support those receiving family support and have low living expenses. It’s not enough to provide for all of the single mother’s needs unlike most school grants for single moms that can fund their college education.

Are You Eligible for a Federal Student Loan?

The Federal Student loan or the Obama single mother loans as some call it, is available to single mothers who are about to re-enter school and need more financial help on top of the Pell Grant they are already receiving.

Loans for single moms regardless of the lender may not be the most ideal type of financial assistance, but it still has its merits. In the case of federal student loans, the interest rates are usually friendlier to the pocket than the majority of the private loans available to students. Plus, one can defer interest payments until after graduation.

Just like with many of the federal student aid, one has to complete and file the FAFSA. Just make sure to check the “yes” box in the portion asking about the applicant’s interest in availing of student loans.

What About Small Business Grants?

There’s plenty of government grants for single mothers who are ready to go back to college. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for business loans for single moms available to those who are eager to start a small business. These grants are quite competitive yet so few.

Those interested in this kind of grant should start browsing through Grants.gov. The grants available for small enterprises can be seen by clicking on “eligibility” and filtering the results on the left side.

If there are no available grants of this kind in Grants.gov, then one should head to one of the branches of the Women’s Business Center, which has locations nationwide.

Several businesses and organizations are offering national grant programs for budding entrepreneurs. For example, the courier delivery giant, FedEx hands out some $200,000 prizes and cash annually to 10 small enterprise owners.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or TANF is designed to aid very low-income families to reach self-sufficiency via a combination of employment opportunities and short-term financial aid. It is one of the most popular government grants for single mothers.

There are two kinds of TANF, namely, “family” and “child-only” grants. The former as its name suggests, is focused on the child’s needs and is normally lower than the family grants. The grant is roughly $8 daily for a single kid.

On the other hand, the “family” grant gives out a small monetary contribution monthly. This cash amount is intended to cover shelter, clothing, food and other basic needs. Usually, the grant lasts for around 60 months. But some states choose to shorten the time limit.

Both of these monetary grants are often called “welfare” and whether one can qualify for it depends on where the applicant resides. Unfortunately, states with a large number of African American residents tend to have lesser single mom grants and more restrictions on their TANF rules.

Single mothers with kids below 19 years of age can qualify for grants under the TANF. One, however, should take note that the recipients must participate in various work activities for each month.

Each tribal territory or state decides the qualifications for financial assistance as well as other services and benefits. To qualify for this single mom benefits, one must be a resident of the state where he or she is applying.

Those who suspect possible abuse or fraud in the program should get in touch with their local TANF office or reach out to the Inspector General’s Fraud Hotline via the Department of Health and Human Services or HHS.

Diversion Cash Assistance

The Diversion Cash Assistance or DCA is also popularly referred to as Emergency Cash Assistance. It is essentially a cash help for single moms during emergencies. The DCA is normally offered as one-time cash out instead of an extension of long-term support benefits.

Families can receive as much as $1000 so they can handle a minor crisis or emergencies. The amount, however, varies depending on the gravity of the need for emergency cash for single mothers
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP aims to help no and low income earning families by providing them with budget-friendly yet healthy meals. SNAP has become one of the most essential components of the safety net in the US as it is the only form of aid that most of the poorest Americans can avail.

SNAP is the US biggest anti-hunger program and it has helped some 40 million low-income earning American families. Kids younger than 18 years of age are the biggest recipient of this assistance program.

SNAP’s single parent help is given out through a debit card or EBT, which allows recipients to buy grocery items from a nearby participating establishment.

One can apply for SNAP by filling out an application form and sending it to a local SNAP office. Applicants can either mail, fax or bring in person the application to a SNAP office.

Recipients of SNAP receive monthly their benefits on a plastic electronic benefits transfer or more popularly known as EBT cards. This card can be used as a debit or credit card to buy eligible food items from the authorized local SNAP grocery stores as well as specific farmers’ markets.

Beneficiaries must also check if the state they live in has a website designed to manage one’s benefits.

Those who want to file a complaint about attempts at getting food stamps or actual claiming of the stamps should get in touch with the local field office to ask for a hearing.

Similarly, those who would like to complain about a SNAP grocery store should file a formal complaint either by phone or online by giving the location of the erring store. Anonymous complaints are also accepted.

Individuals who suspect either abuse or fraud in the SNAP program should reach out to the SNAP fraud website or hotline of their state

Check Your Eligibility for Women, Infants and Children Programs

The Women, Infants and Children Program or WIC is another program that’s funded by the federal government. Its objective is to provide healthy food to kids younger than five years, new mothers and pregnant women who are at nutritional risk. The program is not a financial aid for single moms.

Unlike other programs, WIC is a short-term one as qualified beneficiaries often receive aid for around six months to a year. After that, recipients have to apply again for the program.

Recipients can receive a benefits package often consisting of 16 quarts of milk, dozen of eggs and a six-dollar voucher for vegetables, fruits, and other food.

To qualify for WIC, one must be below 185 percent of the poverty line and must be in nutritional risk. Most states, however, choose to prioritize applicants that are already TANF beneficiaries.

Get Child Care Assistance Programs!

The Child Care Assistance Program or CCAP gets its funding from the Child Care and Development Block Grant. This program is intended to aid low-earning families to fund their childcare while the parent either attends college or search and train for a job. It is handled by the states.

Beneficiaries are required to provide some funds for care for their children according to a progressive fee scale. This means beneficiaries who are earning more would be paying bigger co-payments.

Eligibility rules are not uniform as one state may have guidelines that are different from others. This means that requirements for assistance for single mothers in GA may vary from the on in FL. However, generally, one’s income must not exceed the income cap that the state has identified.

Take Advantage of Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program

The Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program or more popularly known as CCAMPIS is the lone federal grant program that focuses on help for single moms child-care on campus for beneficiaries who are getting their post-secondary education. As of 2017, around 5000 student parents in 86 educational institutions are estimated to have availed of this program.

CCAMPIS is designed to specifically help student parents who are earning low incomes and need help with childcare so that they can stay in school and get a college degree. There is, however, a waitlist for applicants.
Get the Head Start and Early Head Start Programs

Early Head Start and Head Start are both federal programs that aim to promote readiness in school kids ranging from infants to five years old. Little ones ranging from zero months to two years old can be enrolled in Early Head Start while children between three to five years old are served in Head Start.

Applicants must come from low-income families or are living below the poverty level. Other requirements for eligibility include kids in foster care, homelessness or being a beneficiary of other types of government assistance programs. Pregnant ladies are also qualified to apply for the Early Head Start program.

Both programs provide assistance for single moms and dads that would include kid education, healthy nutrition, and medical care and parental involvement of families.

To apply for either Early Head Start or Head Start, one must look for the location of the program near his or her residence. There’s a Head Start locator to find the nearest program. Applicants can also call the hotline.

Take a Look at Section 8 Rental Subsidy

Section 8 Rental Subsidy or more popularly known as Section 8 is a housing program that helps the poorest families find and fund a decent and safe house for rent. It is a federal housing program.

Section 8 is a housing assistance for single mothers with low income that provides vouchers equivalent to 70 percent of the utilities and rental payments. The remaining 30 percent should be shouldered by the beneficiaries of the program.

To illustrate, a single mom of three kids renting a home for $700 a month and working 30 hours earning the minimum wage can receive a voucher of around $440 monthly.

This emergency rent assistance for single mothers has always been oversubscribed and one may have to endure being on the waiting list for some years. Those interested can get in touch with the PHA from their local community to inquire about the wait times in their area.

Are You Eligible for Public Housing Programs?

Aside from Section 8, the United States provides low income housing for single mothers through the Public Housing Program.Iit is one of the three primary rental assistance programs of the country.

There’s a big difference between Section 8 and the Public Housing program as the latter lets qualified low-earning families, disabled and the elderly to live in public home units at a rental rate that they can afford. In many cases, the beneficiaries of this program only pay 30 percent or less than their rental rates and utilities.

This program is designed to help families earning less than 80 percent of the average income of the county where they reside. This, however, may differ from one area to another.

Those who would like to avail must submit their application through their local housing authority, particularly either in the town or city where they intend to live. Applicants who are deemed qualified for low income housing for single mother by the housing authority will be placed on the waitlist.

Check Your Benefits: Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or in short LIHEAP provides qualified low-earning families who are incapable of paying their power bills by providing free money for single mothers to pay bills. This is a one-time financial help to the neediest. LIHEAP recipients, however, will have to pay for a chunk of the monthly bill as LIHEAP will only sponsor a portion.

LIHEAP is designed to help the most vulnerable, which would include the elderly, disabled and families with children in preschool. The money is paid straight to the utility company rather than the recipients.

To qualify for this grant, a household must have an income that is less than 60 percent of the average income of those residing in the state or 150 percent of the poverty level. Plus, those who fall less than 110 percent of the poverty level are also qualified.

Individuals having difficulties paying their electricity bills or are on the verge of going without heat in their homes can get in touch with the National Energy Assistance Referral or NEAR to know how and where they can apply for the program.

Apply for the Weatherization Assistance Program

The Weatherization Assistance Program or WAP aids families with low incomes to lessen their power bills. In many states, WIP prioritizes families with kids and the elderly.

Income is a primary concern in determining eligibility for the program. Those whose incomes are below the 200 percent poverty level are normally eligible for the WIP. This, however, depends on the state where the applicant lives.

Those who would apply should search for the state on the map of the Weatherization Assistance Program Technical Assistance Center and get in touch with the listed agency.

Get Your Health Insurance for the Poor or MEDICAID

Those with no medical insurance can avail of Medicaid as it offers medical benefits for qualified families with either no, low or very low incomes.

One should not confuse Medicaid with Medicare as these are two different programs. The former is designed for the poor while the latter funds the medical services of those who either disabled or 65 years of age or older.

Single mothers who are considered low or very low-income earners and meet other specific income qualifications can apply for Medicaid.

Every state has its own Medicaid program following the federal guidelines. The income level required to qualify may vary from one state to another.

Eligibility to Medicaid often depends on at least one or several factors. These would include:

  • Income level
  • Age
  • If you have a disability or is pregnant
  • Number of individuals in the family
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

The Children’s Health Insurance Program offers health insurance to uninsured kids up to 19 years old. This insurance is designed for families with too high incomes to be eligible for a state’s Medicaid program yet is still unable to afford private insurance coverage.

CHIP provides for almost every medical need of the child. These would include consultations with doctors, dental care, vision care, and vaccination. Usually, this insurance is free for most families. However, some families will have to shell out some money for enrollment fees, low monthly premiums and charges for some services.

Similar to Medicaid, CHIP is handled by each state independently and operated either as a separate program from Medicaid, as an expansion or a combination of both. States also have their own rules in administering CHIP.

There are millions of children benefiting from both medical insurance programs. In 2017, there are roughly 9.7 million children enrolled in CHIP and 36.8 million enrolled in Medicaid.

Those who are having problems with either CHIP or Medicaid should get in touch with their states’ agency. The following problems can be raised with these agencies.

  • Failure to receive the enrolled card
  • Confirmation if you are covered
  • Inability to find a medical doctor who accepts CHIP or Medicaid
  • Inability to get an appointment with a CHIP or Medicaid doctor
  • Confirmation if a particular product or service is covered
  • Life changes that can affect your eligibility for CHIP or Medicaid

Take Advantage of Supplemental Security Income

The Supplemental Security Income or SSI program offers grants for single mothers via a monthly cash assistance monthly. This is also open to who are either blind, disabled or elderly. This program has a guaranteed minimum level of income to eligible beneficiaries since it started.

Currently, the basic monthly assistance is $771 per individual while $1157 per month help are available for couples. Recipients of SSI can also receive other non-monetary help. In many states, those who are eligible for SSI benefits are automatically qualified for Medicaid.

SSI may have been created to provide benefits for the disabled or elderly, but the benefits are still applicable to kids with disabilities and whose parents have little to no resources or income.

For most single mothers or fathers raising a child with disabilities, SSI usually is their lone source of income. Single parents, however, should be prepared to face a complicated eligibility list of requirements and very time-consuming application process.

Those interested in applying for SSI should fill up their application online through the www.ssa.gov or call the toll free number of 1-800-772-1213 to schedule a meeting with a Social Security representative.

Are You Eligible for Title X: The National Family Planning Program?

Title X, which is pronounced as Title Ten is designed to provide comprehensive family planning as well as related preventive health services to low-income families. Title X is a federal program.

This program provides funding for family planning clinics so women with low incomes and cannot even afford cheap insurance for single mothers can avail of health care at either reduced prices or in several cases, free of charge.

Services that single mothers can avail include pelvic and breast exams, cancer screenings, HIV testing, counseling, affordable birth control, and pregnancy testing, among others.

Title X combined with Medicaid has been at the forefront of providing primary health care for millions of women with low income in the US.

Don’t Forget the National School Lunch Program

The National School Lunch Program or NLSP offers discounted meals or free lunches to qualified students coming from families with incomes falling below specified poverty guidelines. This program makes it possible for public schools to provide inexpensive yet nutritious lunches to school children daily.

Kids coming from families whose income is either below or at 130 percent of the poverty levels are qualified for the program. Kids who belong to families with incomes ranging from 130 to 185 percent of the poverty level are still qualified for reduced-price lunches.

Families who are already recipients of food stamps will have their kids automatically qualify for the NLSP. But those who are not receiving food stamps can still apply for the NLSP for either reduced price or free meals.

Application is fairly easy as parents only need to get in touch with their child’s school at any point in the school year. Applicants will need to fill out an application form and in many cases may be required to present proof of income.

There are other school meal programs to help families earning a low income.

For example, there’s the School Breakfast program offering either reduced-price or free breakfast meals that are nutritionally balanced during school days. On the other hand, the Summer Food Service program provides healthy breakfast and lunch meals to children during their summer break.

Meanwhile, the Special Milk Program, as its name suggests, offers meals to children in childcare centers and schools that don’t have the national lunch and breakfast programs.

Remember to Apply for The Emergency Food Assistance Program

The Emergency Food Assistance Program or more commonly known as TEFAP is another federally funded program that offers food to low-income families regardless of their age. Single parents, however, should not be confused as this program is not an emergency financial help for single mothers. TEFAP hands out food directly to families or emergency food providers such as pantries, food banks, soup kitchens, and shelters.

Eligibility requirements may include being a beneficiary of other food or assistance programs like SNAP or TANF where having low income is a consideration to qualify.
TEFAP is administered by each state.

Particularly, those who are participating in the following programs are qualified for TEFAP. These programs are:

  • Food Stamps or SNAP
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • WIC
  • Head Start
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Veteran’s Aid
  • Fuel Assistance

Those who are interested in availing of the TEFAP should get in touch with the State Distributing Agency of the state where they live.

See if You’re Eligible for Local Food Banks

Contrary to popular belief, food banks are not grants as it is a place where food is provided courtesy of generous contributors. Local food banks are created to help low-income earning families who are likely ineligible for various welfare programs.

Those who have difficulty providing food for their families can simply dial 2-1-1 to find either a food bank or food pantry nearby.

One of the most popular food banks in the United States is Feeding America, which boasts of some network consisting of 200 food banks that offers food to some 46 million individuals. Of this number, seven million are elderly and 12 million kids.

According to Feeding America, the organization annually secures and provides some 4.3 billion food via meal programs and pantries.

Get on the Lifeline Program Now

The Lifeline program is a long-running program created to help low-earning families to afford communication services so they can have access to emergency services such as 911. This program has been running since 1985 under the Reagan Administration.

Lifeline program offers financial assistance for single moms for broadband internet or mobile phone services to individuals and families who are low-income earners. The subsidy is capped at $9.25 per household monthly.

Eligibility requirements may vary from one state to another, but generally, the program is available to those subsisting on less than 135 percent of the poverty guidelines set by the federal government. This program is not limited to “welfare” beneficiaries.

The program can help with bills for single moms as discounts may be applied for via the local providers of each state or through a designated state agency. There’s an easy way of checking for participating mobile and internet companies as there’s a handy tool for checking.

See if Unemployment Insurance Is Available

Those who are unemployed can seek help from the Department of Labor, which offers weekly income to those who are unemployed through no fault of their own. The government grants single mothers can avail if they’re jobless typically lasts for 26 weeks. The unemployment benefits vary from one state to another.

It is highly recommended to avail of this insurance first before looking for emergency loans for unemployed single mothers to avoid interest payments.

For example, Massachusetts offers up to $795 weekly benefits, being the most generous state in terms of paying the unemployed. Likewise, Washington state assistance for single mothers who are jobless is at $749 while and Rhode Island offers $707 weekly.. On the other hand, the unemployment insurance in Mississippi is considerably lower at $235 per week.

Single mothers who are seeking for a job may apply for this benefit to tide them over while they search for work.

Applicants may apply for unemployment benefits via their state unemployment agencies. In most states, one can file their application either by phone or online.

Take Advantage of Paid Family Leave

In the United States, there are no guarantees that new mothers will be granted paid leaves. The Family and Medical Leave Act mandate guaranteed jobs for 12 weeks but these are unpaid. Plus, employers with less than 50 workers are exempt from following this policy. This is why many just turn to loans for single mother instead.

There are only several states in the US that provide six weeks of paid family leaves to employees so they can either care for a seriously ill family or a newborn baby. These states are Rhode Island, New Jersey, and California.

In New York, the Paid Family Leave Benefits Law states that paid leaves are handed out to employees for eight weeks at half their pay. San Francisco is the lone city in the country that provides guaranteed paid leaves to new parents.

However, one should take note that paid family leaves are income replacement insurance rather than an entitlement.

Can You Get Earned Income Tax Credit?

The Earned Income Tax Credit or EITC is a tax benefit that is primarily designed to provide aid to both low to moderate-income working parents. To qualify, one must have an income that falls below a specified limit.

The EITC is refundable. This means that whoever is claiming it will essentially lower the overall amount of taxes they owe the government, which can lead to a refund if the tax payable exceeds the tax owed. One can get as much as $6431 tax credits if their family consists of three or more kids.

On the other hand, the Child Tax Credit lowers the tax liability of families with children. The Child Tax Credit can be as much $200 per eligible child. This depends on the parents’ income where some $1400 can be availed by the parents via the Additional Child Tax Credit.

More Help: American Indians and Alaska Natives Grants

Those who belong to Native American tribal groups and are in search of federal benefits or grants can find help with programs particularly designed for either Alaskan Natives or American Indians.

The NativeOneStop.gov site has a list of grant opportunities. Some of these benefits and grants include the following:

  • Indian Child and Family Education
  • Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Urban Indian Health Program

Get on the Federal Government Pro Bono Program

Aside from personal grants single mothers, low-income earning single mothers, families, and individuals who require free legal assistance or mentoring services can count on the Federal Government Pro Bono Program.

The program is under the helm of the Department of Justice and consists of roughly 50 federal government agencies participating in the program.

Contrary to popular belief, this program does not offer direct help to individuals in need of free legal advice. Instead, this pro bono program connects lawyers with organizations focused on providing legal services. This means those who are looking for lawyers for a free legal opinion should get in touch with a legal services organization in their areas.

Another reputable free legal assistance group that reputable mothers can turn to is the LSC Legal Aid, a non-profit organization that helps low-income individuals and families with legal assistance and advice.

The LSC services those residing in suburban, urban and rural areas. It prioritizes families with veterans, farmers, children, elderly, disabled individuals and single mothers.
Apply for Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs

Single mothers who are struggling to make ends meet can find some relief from paying student loans, which they cannot afford at present. There are the Federal Loan Forgiveness programs also more popularly known as the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program, which lets borrowers consolidate all of their federal student loans and turn them into new loans with a more affordable payment scheme.

Single mothers can choose from the following repayment plan:

  • Normal Repayment Plan
  • Repayment Plan for Graduates
  • Repayment Plan Contingent with Income
  • Repayment Plan that’s Income-based
  • Repayment Plan Based on PAYE Concept

Those who are interested in availing of the program can visit the Federal Student Aid website or make a phone call. However, if one is looking for grants to pay off debt for single mothers, then this isn’t exactly the best program as it only restructures the debt.
Check Your Benefits: Service Loan Forgiveness
Those looking for debt relief for single moms and are employed by either a non-government organization or the government can also qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program or PSLF, after completing 120 monthly installments. However, only those with federal student loans will be eligible for the PLSF program.

Get Help: Debt Consolidation for Single Mothers

Those who are looking for debt relief for single mothers should consider debt consolidation instead as it allows those with federal student loans to combine all their federal student loans into a single one with an affordable payment scheme. Debt consolidation is a service offered by the U.S. Department of Education’s Consolidation Services, free of charge.

Students who have already left college, graduated or have dropped to half-time enrolment are usually qualified for the consolidation of their federal student loans. To apply, interested single mothers should get in touch with the office of the Studentloans.gov or contact the Loan Consolidation Information Center via phone.

Other loan service providers that can help consolidate loans for unemployed single moms with bad credit or those who are merely having difficulty paying their debts. These are as follows:

  • CornerStone
  • FedLoan Servicing
  • Granite State
  • Grat Lakes ELS
  • HESC
  • Navient
  • Neinet
  • OSLA Servicing
  • VSAC Federal Loans

Can You Get College Grants? Find Out…

Single mothers who worry about going to college can find means to find their tertiary education, all thanks to some federal programs offering college grants.

Find Out About Federal TRIO Programs Here…

The Federal TRIO programs offer grants to aid students to finish their education. The program also offers other services such as mentoring, counseling, and temporary apartments for single mothers with no job, among others. Disabled students, first-generation college students and low-income ones can avail of this program.

Get on the Educational Opportunity Centers Program

The Educational Opportunity Centers Program offers financial aid and school counseling to both returning and new college students.

What Is Upward Bound? And Are You Eligible?

Upward Bound helps low-income high school students prepare for college. Most of the program’s applicants are rural students, likely to be the first-generation college students and students coming from low-income families.

Check Eligibility NOW: Academic Competitiveness Grant

The Academic Competitiveness Grant or ACG for short encourages promising high school students to choose challenging college courses. This grant offers funding to low-income but high-performing students in their first two years in college. This is one of the government grants for single moms who have been performing well in high school can avail of this program.

What Is the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund?

The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund is designed to help single mothers coming from low-income families. Those who are qualified for the Pell Grant will be eligible for this program.

Those looking for single father help or single mother assistance for college, can get in touch with the county office for more details or submit their application online.

Don’t Forget This One: National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant

The National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant also more popularly referred to as the SMART Grant is designed for students who want to take challenging math, science, engineering, technology courses or critical foreign languages.

The grants for single moms and other deserving students are given on their last two years in their four-year college course.

Are You Eligible for Emerge?

Those looking for Obama scholarships for single mothers should consider this program instead.The Emerge Scholarship is given to female students residing in Georgia. Qualifications include the level of financial need, age, and residency.
FEMA Housing: Worth a Look!

The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA is a US agency that oversees the preparation, management, and recovery of areas badly hit by man-made and natural disasters.

Those badly affected by a disaster can check out the FEMA website, particularly the FEMA housing portal to find low income housing for single mother. The portal lists a selection of low income housing for single moms such as townhouses, condos, mobile homes and apartments.

Home Investment Partnerships Program—Check Your Eligibility!

The Home Investment Partnerships Program is a federal program designed to help in the promotion and development of low income apartments for single mothers and low-income families in the United States. It provides funds to states, which are used to either restore or build homes for low-income earning individuals.
House Counselling Assistance Program: Get Eligible Now!

The House Counselling Assistance Program was created to help individuals and families get counseling and advice regarding mortgage and foreclosure. Single mom help through this program is about getting an expert’s opinion on affordable or free housing free of charge.

One simply has to locate the nearest housing counseling agency or HCA to get help on housing assistance for single moms.
Get Your Benefits: Foreclosure Assistance Programs

Many single mothers have difficulty paying their mortgages. Unfortunately, many single parents are on the verge of having their homes foreclosed.

These are not hardship grants for single mothers but are programs designed to help single moms pay for their home mortgages.

Benefits Now: Home Affordable Modification Program

The Home Affordable Modification Program or HAMP for short is a housing help for single moms designed to reduce their monthly mortgage payments. The reduction is based according to one’s gross income.

Those who would apply should, however, remember that the changes in their monthly mortgage payments are irrevocable.

Making Home Affordable Program: What Are the Benefits?

The Making Home Affordable programs more popularly known as MHA is a collection of various resources for single fathers and mothers that can help them meet their monthly home mortgages.

The benefits single mothers can get from this program varies depending on what type of assistance is required by the applicant.

Interested single moms can visit the website or call the MHA office to find out more details on the program.

Principal Reduction Alternative Benefits Available ASAP

The Principal Reduction Alternative is one way of reducing the remaining unpaid loan balance of housing for single mothers. This is done by dividing the remaining balance into different accounts, namely a non-interest bearing one and an interest-bearing account. Should the borrower complete the installment payments in three years, then the non-interest bearing accounts will be reduced to zero.

Single moms who want to know more details of this program can inquire via phone.

Hot Tip: Second Lien Modification Program

The Second Lien Modification Program or commonly referred to as 2MP can provide housing assistance for single mothers. It is designed for those who have already availed of the HAMP mortgage changes and already in their second mortgage for the same property. What 2MP does is it reduces the principal payments on the second mortgage.

Cars for single moms—worth a look!

For those looking for free cars for single moms can check for grants as the US supports efforts to provide cars for single mothers. The government also offers some tax breaks for car owners who are willing to donate their vehicles.

Plus, there are also non-government organizations and charities that either hand out free cars for single mothers or car repair assistance for single moms.

Below is a list of charity programs that provide a car for single moms.

  • Womenwithdrive.org – This car program is only available in the state of Chicago and nearby areas but still accepts donation cars for single mothers from other locations. Beneficiaries are required to make a commitment for two-years to the program after getting their free vehicle.
  • Freecharitycars.org– This is one of the most popular programs to help single mothers buy a car.  The application for the seeking single mom help with getting a car is fairly simple as one simply needs to create an account and share the purpose and narrative on why they deserve and need a vehicle. Genuine stories will be voted on by fellow participants in the program. The person who gets the highest number of votes moves further up the waiting list and eventually a free car.
  • Wheels To Work Program– This is available in North Carolina and offers car vouchers for single mothers or grants for cars for single mothers.
  • Vehicles for Change– The program is available in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia and is one of the sought-after programs for single mothers needing a car in these states. The vehicles handed out are worth around $750 and comes with car loans for single moms at very affordable interest rates.

Unfortunately, there is no special car insurance assistance for single moms in these programs as most of them are designed to provide a free vehicle or grants for single moms to buy a car. Likewise, those who are in search of car loans for single mothers can find institutions offering lower interest rates.

Don’t skip this section—Getting help from non-governmental associations

Fortunately, government-sponsored grants and programs are not the only recourse of struggling single mothers as other organizations are very much willing to help. These organizations have programs that provide either educational opportunities,single parents grant or cash assistance, housing for single mothers with no income, and counseling, to name a few.

Other Health Care Programs—Don’t Give Up Just Yet!

Unforeseen medical expenses can definitely wreak havoc for any low-income families already struggling to make meet ends. Fortunately, there are a good number of programs that are designed to help single mothers who need aid in fraying the medical costs of their families.

FINALLY Affordable Healthcare: Hill-Burton Free and Reduced Cost Health Care

The Hill-Burton Free and Reduced Cost Health Care can be availed in several facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, as well as other healthcare locations. Individuals and families will qualify for this program if they fall within the income guidelines. The help will vary as well as some applicants will be granted a reduced rate while others will be given free healthcare.

To apply and to know more about this program, one should call the organization.

Affordable Walgreens Healthcare Benefits

Walgreens Healthcare is a clinic that offers either low cost or free medical care. This is open to the public as the program was designed to help the unemployed, uninsured, and struggling families. The clinic can treat illnesses such as skin conditions, sinus infections, colds, pink eyes, and burns, among others.

Those who want to avail of either free reduced rates or dental grants for single mothers should contact the clinic through this number (855) 925-4733.

Getting Help Paying for Water Bills? No Problem!

Even paying water bills can be quite difficult for low-earning families including those headed by a single mother. Fortunately, some organizations offer single mother grants or discounts to help them and their families pay for their water bills

Aside from government grants for single mothers to pay bills, here are some programs single mothers can check out.

American Water H20: Help to Others Program Benefits

The American Water H20: Help to Others Program is offered by the Pennsylvania American Water company. This assistance program was designed to give relief to individuals and families with low income by offering a one time grant per household. The single mother help comes in the form of grant up to $500.

The Pennsylvania American Water company also offers an 80 percent discount on its monthly service fees to qualified households. Plus, the program also gives out water-smart devices and education on smarter consumption so households can reduce their water bills.

Single moms interested in this program can check out the details at the American Water Website or call the Dollar Energy Fund.

Benefits of the American Water LIPP Program

The California American Water, one of the divisions of American Water administers the LIPP program, which was designed to assist the company’s customers earning low incomes. This program is not a single mother loan as it instead offers discounted water rates. This means qualified customers can get a discount on both their water and wastewater charges.

Those who are interested should fill out the application form found online and mail to the address indicated in the form. One can also inquire from the California American Water Service via phone.

Buying Medication Help TODAY

Medicines are expenses that many low-income families are struggling to cope with. The same can be said for single moms who aren’t earning enough for her family’s daily needs.

Medical free stuff single moms can avail from these programs are mostly free medicines or waived consultation fees. Those interested can get in touch with the following organizations.

Get Your Benefits: Partnership for Prescription Assistance

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance or PPA does not give grants for single moms to pay bills of their medicines but instead helps in connecting people in need with programs that can help in buying the needed medication for free. Those interested can visit the program’s website.

Check Your Benefits: Co-Pay Relief

The Co-Pay Relief is a group dedicated to working with patients and their families with low incomes in helping get payments made straight to doctors and pharmacies. Single mothers who want to avail of this program should fill out the online application at Co-Pay Relief’s website.
Live Your Dream Awards from Soroptimist International: Check Benefits ASAP

The Live Your Dreams Awards helps single mothers get back on their feet. It is given by Soroptimist International, a network consisting of 100,000 volunteers and members in over 100 countries.

Many single mom needs help with money for their education. And fortunately, the primary aim of the program is to provide financial help to women who are the main breadwinners of their families and are eager to start either their undergraduate degree or skills training.

Annually, this program provides roughly $2.1 million educational grants to around 1,500 single mother school grants to those facing difficult challenges such as extreme poverty, substance abuse or death of the husband.

The Live Your Dream grans has three levels, namely:

  • Level One– A cash award of up to $1000 for some 1,300 women
  • Level Two– Level Two is also referred to as the Region Level where women are given $3,000 to $5,000 cash on top of the first level grant. The Region level is given out to some 100 or more women.
  • Level Three– Level Three is the International Level where only three of the regional level awards are picked to benefit from the final grants. Recipients of the International Level award are given an extra $10,000 on top of the Level One and Two grants already received.

The Idea Cafe Grant—Small Business Benefits!

Single mothers who are also entrepreneurs can receive as much as $1000 grant to help them boost their business from the Idea Cafe’s Small Business Grant. Those who are looking for small business loans for single moms should look further as this program is a grant and does not offer loans to entrepreneurs.

Idea Cafe is a community consisting of business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts in various fields. It was formed in 1995 to help business owners find help from their fellow entrepreneurs.

The Small Business Grant of $1000 is awarded to the business owner who gets the most votes over three stages, namely Stage One, Stage Two and Stage Three.

  • Stage One– The application period is the first stage of the awarding process. At this stage, the business owner will submit her applications which the editors of the Idea Cafe will review.
  • Stage Two– The second stage is the vetting of applicants where ineligible applicants will be removed for contention. On the other hand, qualified applications will be posted online so that the public can vote. Voting for the businesses that will receive the grant will also start at this stage.
  • Stage Three– This is the final step in the application process. The public will decide the final winner through voting. Only the top 10 applications from stage two will make it to stage three. The one with the highest number of votes gets the single parent grant.

Salvation Army—Amazing Benefits!

The Salvation Army is an international operation operating under the umbrella of the Christian Church. Single mothers who have other religions should not lose hope as the Salvation Army offers help to the less fortunate and low-income earners in the communities in the United States. The help they offer ranges from free apartments for single mothers, free meals, clothing, toys and counseling and therapy, to name a few.

The following are the Salvation Army’s programs that can help single mothers.

Hunger Relief

Salvation Army helps low-income families get some meals or food via the organization’s efforts such as mobile meals, soup kitchen, meal programs, food pantries, and community gardens. Hunger Relief serves roughly 60 million meals to the neediest.

Those interested in the program can reach out to their local Salvation Army Community Cent to ask the nearest available hunger relief programs.

Utility Assistance for Single Mothers

Some local Salvation Army chapters help by handing out free grants for single mothers to pay bills. This means some single mothers will receive some help in paying for their water, power service or utility bills.

Housing Services for Single Mothers

The organization offers emergency help for single moms in finding housing for single parents. Housing for single moms include emergency shelters, transitional housing, temporary lodging, and group homes. It also provides help for homeless single mothers and the needy as well as other social assistance programs.

The organization also occasionally provides free furniture for single mothers along with temporary apartments for single mothers.

Adult Rehabilitation

Salvation Army has the Harbor Light Program and Adult Rehabilitation Centers that were designed to help those in need through emotional, spiritual or social counseling. The rehabilitation centers also offer job opportunities, housing assistance for pregnant mothers, and therapy.

Seasonal Programs

Salvation Army also has seasonal programs that can also help single mothers. These would include the following:

  • Angel Tree– The Angel Tree program helps those in need by giving out new toys and clothes for children. The Angel Trees has tags where the names of children in the local community are written. Donors then take the tags from the tree and buy the appropriate present for the child whose name is written on the tag.
  • Back to School Assistance for Single Mothers- Children from poor families get help before they go back to school as the Salvation Army provides clothing, school supplies, and bags to kids ages three to 16.
  • Holiday Meals– The Holiday Meals of the Salvation Army involves giving nutritious meals to less fortunate families during the holiday season. Meals are also handed out in nursing homes and hospitals. Plus, Salvation Army shelters are also open for the needy in search of a sit-down meal.

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