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BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!

BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!


Cheap internet with Comcast? Yes, you heard right.

Cheap internet with Comcast? Yes, you heard right.

Looking to save a few dollars on Comcast internet essentials? Well, that’s understandable! If you are on a budget, getting an affordable internet service can be a godsend. Fortunately, you can apply for cheap Xfinity in my area internet service for only 9.95$ per month. Read on to learn more about Comcast essentials and why it is tailored to low-income households.

How does internet essentials Comcast work?

Essentially, Comcast low income internet connection is more than just a cheap priced internet connection. The program aims to connect low income households to internet service to enhance their computer know-how. Eligible customers don’t have to pay installation fees and no background credit checks are done whatsoever. Additionally, customers can only get a short-term Xfinity essentials internet contract.

Besides receiving a 15 Mbps Internet Speed, applicants also receive an affordable low-cost PC, and can also choose to enroll in free computer training classes. Qualified candidates can also receive cheap cable tv for low income.

After you sign up for the affordable internet essentials phone number, you get a Welcome Kit that has everything that allows you to enjoy internet service. What’s more, you get a 15 Mbps internet connection that comes with a customized Wi-Fi setup. And here’s the catch, the whole Xfinity internet essentials set-up is only 9.95$ per month.

Additionally, you can decide to buy a reasonably priced laptop or get a Comcast internet essentials computer for only $149.99. The Comcast computer comes with Norton Security feature and Microsoft Office. Don’t want to spend $150 today? Well, no need to worry. You can receive an amazing deal once you subscribe to the internet essential service.

How to qualify for Comcast Internet Essentials

If you want to apply for Comcast low income internet plan, you should live in a state where this service is available. However, the Comcast cable for low income families internet plan is only available to new members. Simply put, you should not have subscribed to the service in the last three months. But if you have a previous cheap internet Comcast account, then you need to ensure you don’t have any outstanding debt.

That said, here are some of the eligibility requirements to qualify for Comcast essential internet plan:

Families that have one child in the nation school lunch program qualify for Comcast discounts. But eligibility doesn’t necessarily translate to receiving the cheap internet service. Homeschoolers can also qualify for the free internet for low income plans.

Fortunately, there are also Comcast discounts for senior citizens. Additionally, low income veterans that participate in federal or state public assistance programs qualify, too. These qualifying programs to receive Comcast internet for seniors include WIC, TANF, Medicaid, and food stamps (SNAP).

Applicants who are above 42 years old can complete the Comcast senior discount application. They must live in a low income household and reside in an area with programs that support Comcast internet essentials for seniors.

Persons with disabilities
The essential internet Comcast plan is also available to households that have a member with disability provided they qualify for state programs, like section 8 housing or National School Lunch Program. But if you aren’t sure if you qualify for the program based on income, then you can apply for these assistance programs:

The Xfinity low income internet plan targets economically disadvantaged households

Most low-income families usually face challenges as far as getting broadband internet is concerned. Fortunately, Comcast’s essential internet plan is designed to help low-income families get affordable internet. So, Comcast’s $9.99 internet for low-income families is designed for families with financial hardship as they offer affordable internet connectivity.

The program also offers Comcast low income cable tv to eligible applicants. It provides affordable internet to over one million households statewide and might connect more homes with expanded eligibility requirements. If you want to get Comcast internet, visit internetessential.com to learn more about eligibility.

In essence, if you are currently receiving financial aid from the federal government, live in a low-income household, or have a disability, then you can get an internet essentials computer. So, if you believe you are eligible, apply for free today! But if you have an outstanding balance, the Comcast old bill forgiveness offers you peace of mind. There are also specialized internet plans that offer Comcast student discounts.

How to make a Comcast low income internet application

The Xfinity low income internet program from Comcast delivers cheap, high-speed internet for home use. As a result, this offers you instant access to health care, homework, and job opportunities just to mention a few. Once you’re connected to Xfinity essentials, you can use the internet for anything you need. It’s as simple as that!

Sign up is straightforward and you can apply straight from your phone by visiting internet essentials.com. As mentioned earlier, you can qualify for low income cable assistance if you are a member of any federal assistance programs such as SSI, SNAP, Medicaid, Housing Assistance, and School Lunch program.

Here’s what you get once you get an internet essential contact number

  • Instant access to any available Wi-Fi hotspot
  • A wireless internet connection that delivers home Wi-Fi
  • Affordable internet training
  • Option to get Comcast by buying a PC for only $149.99
  • No rental fees or activation fees
  • 25/3 Mbps for only $9.95 including tax

How to apply for internet essentials for seniors

It’s simple to get internet essentials from Comcast provided you meet all the eligibility requirements. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Apply to get Xfinity internet

You can qualify for Comcast 10 dollar cable internet if you are eligible for federal assistance programs like SSI, SNAP, Medicaid, Housing Assistance, and the School Lunch Program.

Additionally, you should reside in a state where you can get Comcast. You shouldn’t be an Xfinity internet subscriber either. Also, ensure you don’t have an outstanding balance to Comcast for a period of at least one year. However, families that have an outstanding debt can still qualify to receive a Comcast essentials phone number.

But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, customers now enjoy Comcast debt forgiveness. That means all households that have an outstanding debt with Comcast can still qualify for low income internet Comcast plans. Therefore, if your application is approved by the end of December, 2020, then you are good to go. In January 2021, you need to meet the standard eligibility requirements.

Step 2: Send the application online

The sign-up process is straightforward and you can do this from your phone. You can also apply for free internet service for disabled on your phone. Visit internetessentials.com and submit your application. Find out more about Comcast Wi-Fi prices on the official website.

Step 3: Get notification whether your application is approved or not

Once your application is reviewed exhaustively, you will be notified by email or text message if your application was successful. And if you want to provide documentation, simply upload your picture directly alongside your application. As you can see, its quite easy on how to get free Comcast internet.

Step 4: Go online

After your Xfinity veteran discount has been approved, you can have home internet after only seven working days. The program often comes with a step-by-step guide on how to set up your internet equipment.

The program aims to increase internet speed to support the citizens through the COVID-19 pandemic

As the country continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, Comcast disability discount program and the Xfinity discounts for seniors program continue to ensure customers receive affordable internet connection. That way, the program ensures there is reliable internet connection at schools and workplaces to spread the latest information on coronavirus, through internet access.

We know that most low-income households in America don’t have a home internet service. And this uncertain period due to the covid pandemic has made life more difficult, to say the least. As businesses and schools close and families are encouraged to stay indoors, internet connectivity has become more important than ever before.

For that reason, low income internet Comcast is provided through the internet essentials plan. Currently, this is the largest broadband internet plan that offers cheap internet to eligible low-income households.

Since the beginning of 2011, Comcast 9.99 internet has connected almost two million households to reliable internet connection. The hallmark of the program is its flexibility in providing internet essentials Xfinity to all qualified low-income households. Additionally, the company makes it easier for eligible low-income families that reside in an area that has Comcast service to receive a Comcast essential number.

If the household meets the Comcast new customer qualifications, they receive a discounted low-income internet for 9.95 a month. Here’s the catch, new customers receive free internet for 60 days from the Internet Essentials program.

On the other hand, most customers often ask, how fast is Comcast internet essentials? Well, the company is planning to increase the speeds from 15/2 Mbps to 25/3 Mbps and this applies to both new and current customers. All customers with a Comcast internet essentials number will get an improved internet speed going forward. That way, customers can receive real time updates on the COVID-19 pandemic.

To receive better internet speeds, customers don’t have to do anything whatsoever. Both Comcast student internet and Xfinity internet for students data speeds will be availed in a few days. The company plans to send new customers all the essential equipment and this includes an installation kit, which comes with a Wi-Fi router and cable modem. Fortunately, there is no credit check or shipping fee.

Therefore, to get amazing Comcast student deals and cheap internet for students under the internet essentials program, applicants should submit their application to www.internetessentials.com. The website also offers information on Comcast discount and instructions on how to apply for free home internet service for low income families.

The internet essentials services under Comcast is also looking to partner with non-profit governmental agencies to offer Comcast bill forgiveness, and reach out to more low income households. Moreover, they also plan to offer free internet service for low income seniors and provide affordable internet Comcast for students.

With affordable internet services under Comcast, people can easily work directly from home and obtain instant access to educational and medical alerts online. More importantly, they can connect with family members during the existing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Comcast internet for low income enhancements packages

Comcast is the nation’s largest high-speed broadband internet connection that targets low income households. The program offers cheap internet deals that start from only $9.95 a month. Alternatively, the applicant can get a computer that is internet ready for about $150. Moreover, the plan also comes with a free computer training program, both online and in print.

The plan also offers Comcast for students who are eligible. So, student internet deals Comcast also provide affordable internet plans to all learners that meet the eligibility requirements. In fact, Comcast internet for students has connected over 500,000 learners who come from low income households. Recently, the program is provided to all the households that live under the HUD assistance program.

Since the Comcast internet for low income program was introduced in early August, it now offers the following enhancements:

  • Free Home Wi-Fi – Comcast student deals also include free home Wi-Fi that can connect to all internet-enabled devices like smartphones or tablets. As a result, this helps to save money that would have otherwise been spent on wireless bills.
  • Increased internet speed over time: Customers currently receive 10 Mbps downstream and this is sufficient to use on multiple internet compatible applications. After you make the internet essentials application, you will know the internet speeds that are offered by Comcast.
  • Increased eligibility for at least nine times every five years – Comcast now provides amnesty to families that qualify for low income internet essentials but have a one year pending balance. Besides expanding the HUD to assist households, the internet essentials pay bill also caters to low income seniors and students who meet all eligibility requirements.
  • Streamlined enrollment procedure: In households where children receive the assisted School Lunch Program, then they can apply for Comcast free internet without having to provide additional paperwork. Furthermore, residents who live in public housing development are instantly approved for Comcast $10 internet.
  • Reflected diverse communities: Spanish and English speaking households can easily contact the dedicated call centers to solve any queries. Alternatively, they can make an application online via the official website at internetessentials.com.

What we like about the Comcast low income program

Besides providing amazing internet deals to low-income households, Comcast internet essentials requirements are minimal. What’s more, Xfinity also offers a Comcast discount for seniors and you can apply for a Comcast internet senior discount on the company’s official website.

Availability: Comcast by Xfinity is available in at least 39 states that utilize cable TV to deliver reliable high-speed broadband internet.

Great bundles and Comcast senior citizen discount: With an Xfinity essentials phone number, customers receive cable TV services and reliable internet service. That means the customer will enjoy instant access to thousands of movies and shows on Bundle TV plus 24/7 internet access.

Fastest speeds and impeccable internet essentials customer service: Xfinity offers high internet speeds and Comcast senior citizen discount. You can receive up to 25 Mps of data speed but in select areas.

Factors that make Comcast for low income a popular internet option

  • Price hikes: Fortunately, with Comcast 10 dollar internet program, the billing model remains attractive and unchanged. Customers can renew their subscription when their monthly plan expires. Therefore, free Comcast internet can suit any household budget.
  • Contracts: Most people often ask, is internet essentials unlimited? If you are looking for a great deal and price, then you should find a comprehensive one-year contract.
  • Data Limits: The Comcast essential program bills all qualified applicants $10 for 50 GB monthly internet plan. This is enough data that can serve any household, right? The good thing is that Comcast also offers free internet for disabled as well. Moreover, Xfinity also offers fantastic Comcast internet student discount.
  • Money-Saving benefits: With an internet essentials customer service number, low income families can get internet services on multiple devices. But since most low-income households have fewer devices, you should start with an affordable, simple plan and later upgrade depending on your monthly internet usage.

Xfinity free internet plans for seniors

Xfinity Comcast internet low income mobile hotspot packages offer data speed based on a number of criteria. The discounts are based on speed, data usage, and the bundle service. That is why most senior citizens usually spend their money cautiously. By living on their retirement benefits and allocating most of their cash to healthcare, they don’t have much left for services like an internet plan.

For that reason, it is advisable to shop for a senior internet plan that offers good Comcast essentials speed. But does Comcast offer senior discounts? Yes. Here are some of the Xfinity free internet plans you can consider;

The Xfinity performance starter+

With this Starter+ plan, you can get an internet plan at only $24.499 per month. The Comcast low cost internet plan should work seamlessly when connected on more than one device simultaneously. The plan is designed for senior citizens that don’t qualify for the Xfinity for low income plan under Comcast.

This discount internet for low income families is designed for moderate browsing tasks like email and surfing the web. Often, the plan comes with 25 Mbps download speeds that are better compared to DSL broadband internet speeds. However, this plan is not optimum for heavy browsing and is a basic Comcast discount for low income plan.

The Xfinity Performance Select internet plan

If you have a Comcast internet essentials phone number and need more internet for heavy streaming or sync multiple gadgets, then you can settle for this $34.99 per month plan. This Comcast essentials program is best suited for senior citizens that use the internet for streaming TV via services like Hulu or Netflix.

The program comes with a 100 Mbps download speed, which offers high-speed internet that is vital in performing heavy tasks online. If you are skyping with your kids, ordering a movie, or enjoying your favorite TV show, you are good to go. As you can see, the right Comcast essential internet speed solely depends on your internet usage. So, find a suitable internet plan that matches your needs.

Why should seniors sign up for Comcast low income internet?

If you live in a state that has Comcast service, then you should consider getting an affordable internet package that can handle heavy streaming and video chatting. Here are some of the ways senior citizens are now using Comcast affordable internet to do their everyday tasks from entertainment to socialization.

  • A better way to watch their TV shows: With a high bandwidth internet speed, senior citizens enjoy new possibilities. Network and local television providers can stream high speed internet to all internet-connected devices. Simply put, Comcast provides people with a fantastic internet plan to allow them to watch news or their favorite shows without buffering or freezing.
  • Access to unlimited online shopping: Often, mobility and safe driving is always an issue of concerns for senior citizens. Most seniors usually miss out on the endless joy of shopping by themselves, and often give out these tasks to other family members. But with Comcast internet services, seniors can contact the retailers directly.
  • They can choose products, watch videos, read reviews, and make purchases online that are delivered to their doorstep. Comcast internet services therefore offers senior citizens some form of independence.
  • Stay connected to family: With high internet speeds that range from 25 Mbps to 2000 Mbps, Comcast internet connectivity allows senior citizens to keep in touch with their grandkids through social media and email. So, regardless of the internet plan that you select, almost 30 percent of the senior population above 65 years of age are active on social media. That said, having a solid Comcast internet plan will always keep you updated on what’s happening on Instagram and Facebook.


With Comcast school internet, the provider doesn’t limit the download speed. The same case applies to Xfinity internet for low income households. At only $9.99, you can get reliable internet speed that allows you to enjoy your favorite TV shows online without buffering or disruptions. Moreover, the Comcast internet plan allows you to do almost anything online! Plus, it offers you unlimited access to thousands of channels.

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