gas vouchers

Receive Free Gasoline from Free Gas USA and Other Non-Profits

What is Free Gas USA Inc? In 2008, Free Gas USA Inc was created. This was during the gasoline crises when gas prices soared to its all-time high. Because of the high cost of gasoline many low income individuals have not gas up for quite some time. The…

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how to get help with rent

LITE-UP: The Texas Utility Bill Discount Program

The LITE-UP Texas program enables the state to provide consumers with a significant amount of savings on their electric bills. Almost all utility companies operating in the state of Texas give a LITE-UP Texas discount on electric bills to low income households. The LITE-UP Texas covers electric bills…

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Organizations and Charities That Can Help with Bill Payments

Need Help With Bills? Reach out to Organizations and Charities In most instances non-profit organizations and charities are created to provide help and assistance for needy individuals and families. Some of these organizations and charities are localized while some operate on a national level with local chapters. Non-profit…

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security deposit for apartments

Housing Assistance for the Disabled

The United States has an estimated 36.4 million disabled citizens. It is a known fact that persons with disability often have lower income potential and are more likely to living in poverty. This makes them prone to be needing more housing assistance. Decent and safe housing is one…

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Low Income Assistance Programs

Most Americans will experience living below the poverty line for at least one year when they are between the ages of twenty-five and seventy-five years old. Low income families are working families that have incomes that are lower than twice the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). The FPL in…

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housing programs in nyc

Where to Get Free Car Repairs

There are non-profits, ministries and churches as well as government agencies that can provide car repair assistance to low income families free of charge. Many of these organizations provide low income car repair help for those who need their cars for a medical appointment or to get to…

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Getting Assistance from Wells Fargo

There will be instances when a client would be in dire need of financial assistance to answer the wells fargo foreclosure department.  Since the country is currently under a weak economy, the number of people taking advantage of the Wells Fargo Assistance Programs to make a wells fargo…

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Preventing a Foreclosure by Getting Mortgage Help

The possibility of the family home being foreclosed is one thing that terrifies every homeowner. No homeowner ever wants to be stressed with missing mortgage payments and not being able to pay property taxes which may lead to foreclosure. Homeowners faced with possible foreclosure due to delayed mortgage…

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Need Help With Rent NOW

Do You Need Assistance with Utility, Electric and Heating Bills?

If you are struggling with your utility, electric and heating bills, there are bill payment assistance resources you can turn to for help. You can choose from any of the available options and plans or programs that can provide you with emergency utility assistance. 1. Non-Profit Organizations There…

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Churches That Help With Utility Bills

Chicago Catholic Charity Emergency Assistance

There are Catholic Charities Chicago whose main objective is to assist those who are less fortunate and families with low income to cope with everyday life. Catholic Charities Illinois can be found in Cook County and across Chicago, in the state of Illinois. If you’re in need of…

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government assistance with foreclosures

How to Find Government Grants

Debt relief grants that are being promoted lately might seem like a fairy tale to many. With the state of the economy and work market, many families and individuals struggle to cover their expenses or to pay off debt. Therefore, government loans to get out of debt can…

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Life Hacks For The Recently Unemployed

You’re stressed, confused, and worried about putting food on the table. But all is not lost. Even though unemployment stings, it doesn’t have to be a slippery slope to financial ruin.

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