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BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!

BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!


Don’t gamble with your pet’s life. Get free vet care instead.

Don’t gamble with your pet’s life. Get free vet care instead.

Pets are wonderful companions. They’re loyal and they’re fun to be with. But what happens if you are facing financial struggles and unable to pay for their vet services?

What happens if let us say, you become jobless in Florida (better than be homeless in Alaska) and have to rely on Florida state unemployment? What happens if you become homeless and have to go to a shelter? What then will happen to your pets? How will they survive?

Fortunately, there are plenty of help available to pet owners who are either looking for inexpensive vet near me or cash assistance. There are many organizations that love your pets as much as you and they provide pet owners with a variety of services.

Help! My pet is sick! What can I do?

There are plenty of organizations focusing on the welfare of animals, which also help pet owners.

These organizations offer various programs and services, all intended to promote animal welfare and protection of animal rights. Just what kind of help can these organizations provide to pet owners?

Financial assistance- Pet owners can receive cash assistance from some organizations to pay for the medical expenses and even emergency surgeries of their beloved animals. These entities know that medical costs of animals can be quite heavy on the pocket. And unfortunately, many pet lovers and owners do not have the means to pay for these medical bills.

The amounts of these financial grants vary. Some organizations would only pay for emergency cases and exclude preventive care when granting cash assistance. Others would require good to excellent prognosis, which means the pet must have a great chance of living a good life after the surgery or medical procedure.
Pet owners whose pets are unlikely to survive despite the medical treatment will not be given cash assistance. They can instead go to an organization offering end-of-life services.

These financial help for pet owners are limited to low-income individuals or family since most organizations have limited funds and depend on donations. As such, only those who can demonstrate or financial hardship will be granted the cash assistance.

Free vet care – Many organizations cannot provide cash assistance to pet owners, but they can offer free services. These would include routine care, grooming, and vaccinations. Pet owners, however, may have to shell out for the cost of medicines when going to free veterinary clinics.

Spaying and Neutering Services– Many organizations offer spaying and neutering services for dogs and cats. This is because most of these entities are also focused on ending overpopulation of animals to end euthanasia on healthy animals. There are expenses in raising and taking care of pets, and the state cannot afford for all their care. This is why most many entities provide spaying and neutering services so the number of pets would not grow further to avoid killing off animals to save on costs.

There are many low cost vet clinics offering both services at a fraction of their costs. Some clinics would offer these services for free for pet owners who have limited resources.

Discounted vet services- Pet owners earning low incomes, and probably subsisting on government’s social programs like food stamps or housing assistance, can find a low income vet clinic near them. They offer services at discounted prices.

Shelters- There are plenty of animal shelters across America. There’s one in each state. The majority of these shelters rescue and provide homes for neglected, abused, abandoned and sick pets. They also provide food and vet services for animals under their care until such time a new home is found for each animal.

For individuals or families who have become homeless, then there are few organizations who can provide shelters for your beloved animals until they are ready to take them back. There are also some entities offering basic vet and grooming services for your pets while the owners stay in a shelter.

If you are determined to give your pets a better life, then you may consider leaving them in a shelter that can take them in and find a new loving home for them.

Individuals and families concerned about the abandoned or abused pets in their areas, can call these organizations so that the animals can be rescued and given shelter and care. Shelters normally work hard to restore the animal’s health before they are given to their new homes and owners.

Mobile clinics– There are also mobile clinics available for pet owners. These clinics go from one place to another to help out financially struggling pet owners. Many of them provide grooming and basic vet services to animals free of charge.

Pet food banks– If you’re struggling to pay for the food of your pets, then you can go to some food banks that will help you feed your beloved animal. Sometimes, these pet food banks also provide more than just food as owners can also get pet supplies for free.

Behavior training and workshops- Many organizations also provide training and education to promote animal rights and welfare. Some of these entities also offer behavior and training to animals so that their owners can manage them easily. Some of these trainings are offered to the community or to individual owners.

What should I know about discounted vet services or medical cash assistance? Check eligibility below…

If you’re looking for veterinary assistance for low income families, then you should keep in mind that most organizations are only operating because of donations. They are non-profit organizations, which means that funds are limited. As such, you can expect a long line of pet owners applying for financial assistance for pet medical expenses.

Most of these grants for pet owners will require proof of financial hardships as the assistance is designed for no to low income individuals of families. Some of these organizations would prefer to settle the bill directly with the veterinarian or vet clinic rather than send the money to the pet owners. Some of them also prefer to pay for the entire medical expenses rather than provide small amounts.

Most of the cash grants for a pet’s medical care can only be availed once a year. Those who have already received financial assistance for their pets within the year can no longer apply for the same grant in many cases.

Pet owners seeking financial grants should follow the requirements asked by the organization providing the assistance. Requirements vary from one organization to the other. Some would require paystubs or income tax returns or proof of enrollment in a government social program. Others would require pet owners to eventually render services to the organizations for a couple of hours.

Similarly, free vet clinics also have a long queue of pet owners wanting to avail of the free of charge services. Some would ask for an appointment while other clinics will open their doors to walk-ins.

Not all free veterinary care clinic will attend to emergency situations as some of them only do routine check-ups. Those with emergency situations are best advised to go to larger low cost animal clinics and hospitals.

If you’re in need of spay and neuter services, then you can go to a variety of non-profit organizations that can perform these services at affordable rates. Some would require proof of hardship to avail of the discounted rates while others will do these surgeries without asking for proof of income.

Where can I get help? Veterinary services and shelters either for free or affordable rates BELOW

Below is a list of organizations helping financially challenged pet owners.

Brown Dog Foundation

The Brown Dog Foundation is a relatively small foundation with volunteers. Pet owners may, however, need to be more patient with their requests as the foundation has so many pet owners wanting to receive veterinary assistance for low income families. Annually, it receives around 4,000 requests, which is why the Brown Dog Foundation prioritizes pets with life-threatening danger.

Brown Dog does not merely offer cash assistance. They also work with pet owners to find affordable vet service for the most economical way of saving the pet.

Those who are looking for partial medical assistance for their beloved pets should look further as Brown Dog does not believe in giving partial funds since doing so may not save the animal. The foundation prefers to give full amounts to owners requiring a few hundreds of dollars rather than small amounts for medical cases costing thousands. Brown Dog also does not reimburse pet owners for their expenses.

Applicants should provide their pet’s low income vet clinic so that the Brown Dog Foundation can get in touch with them as part of the application and vetting process.

Canine Cancer Awareness

The Canine Cancer Awareness offers veterinary assistance for low income families for the care of canines diagnosed with cancer. This non-profit organization hopes to raise awareness of the growing number of canine cancer as well as the illness’ treatment options and effects. Canine Cancer Awareness is able to provide help, all thanks to donations.

Magic Bullet Fund

The Magic Bullet Fund goes by the tagline “Fighting Canine Cancer One Dog at a Time”. It was funded by Laurie Kaplan in November 2005.

The main aim of the organization is to offer financial assistance to dog owners whose pets are suffering from cancer but cannot afford the treatment costs. It is able to offer financial help due to various fund-raising activities like selling of wristbands, t-shirts, teddy bears, phone cases, tote bags, and license plate holders as well as donations from book sales.

The Magic Bullet Fund also runs thanks to its many volunteers.

God’s Creatures Ministry

The God’s Creatures Ministry as its name suggests is a Christian group encouraging the community to promote animal welfare. One of its primary purposes is to promote vegetarianism.

The group provides vet help for low income families of not more than $50, allowing pet owners find and pay for low income vet services.

The Mosby Foundation

If you’re looking for cheap vets near me, then The Mosby Foundation might just be it. This is a charitable organization established to help in the care of injured, critically sick, neglected and abused dogs. It provides public education as well as financial assistance.

The organization provides several programs like medical help programs, spay and neuter services, pet food pantry and canine cancer financial help.

The Mosby Foundation already received its tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Services. This means that donations made to them are tax-deductible.

The Onyx & Breezy Foundation

The Onyx & Breezy Foundation is a non-profit organization with a tax-exempt status from the Bureau of Internal Services. It provides support and funding for the following purposes:

  • Rescuing of animals from kill shelters
  • Medicine, food and supplies
  • Neuter and Spay programs
  • Equipment for medical facilities
  • Cancer Research
  • Rescues, shelters, sanctuaries, and foster groups
  • Disaster relief and puppy mill rescues
  • Assistance to individual pet owners who do not have sufficient funds
  • Cheap vet services
  • Assistance to dogs of veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic symptom disorder or PTSD. This means that veterans who need vet services near me can find funding via this organization.
  • Other causes related to animal welfare

The Onyx & Breezy Foundation accepts donations and staff volunteers. It also sells various items to raise funds so it can help pet owners who are always in search of affordable vet near me.

Individual pet owners and non-profit organizations can request a grant to avail of no cost veterinary services from The Onyx & Breezy Foundation by providing the following:

  • Tax returns for individuals
  • Last audited financial and current income statement and balance sheets for the non-profit organization
  • Prognosis and diagnosis if applicable
  • Estimated costs
  • Care credit status
  • Contact number that is able to accept calls from a “blocked” number

These requirements should be sent to The Onyx & Breezy Foundation’s physical address.

Pets of the Homeless

If you’re homeless and in need of a low cost vet near me , then Pets of the Homeless might be the answer to your needs. It takes pride in being the lone national organization that exclusively provides feeding programs and free vet clinics to pets owned by homeless individuals. This non-profit organization says that most homeless shelters do not take on pets.

The Riedel & Cody Fund

The Riedel & Cody Fund aims to help pets with cancer by providing financial assistance to pet owners. It was founded by Mark Tillinger and David Duchemin who named the foundation after their dogs Riedel and Cody.

Pet owners with pets suffering from cancer can then find a low income veterinary clinic or cheap dog clinics and apply for financial assistance from Riedel & Cody Fund.

Red Rover

The Red Rover aims to bring animals from crisis to care. This non-profit entity offers a variety of programs and services such as resources, temporary emergency shelters, financial help, and emotional support to pet owners.

The Red Rover has different grant programs, namely Urgent Care, Domestic Violence Escape and Domestic Violence Safe Housing.

Pet owners who cannot afford to get quick lifesaving care for their pets can avail of the Urgent Care grants after finding a low cost veterinary clinic.

Rose’s Fund

Pet owners who are in financial hardships and looking for inexpensive veterinarian near me or no cost veterinary services near me can check out this organization.

Rose Fund provides financial assistance to pet owners whose pets are sick but cannot afford to pay for the medical expenses. The financial help is given to owners whose pets have a good chance of survival. This non-profit organization aims to shoulder the entire medical costs rather than offer small amounts that are unable to pay for all the expenses. As such, it’s best for those applying for this program to look for low cost vets or low cost animal hospital

Rose Fund is a tax-exempt charity as determined by the Internal Revenue Services. As such, all donations made to the organization are tax-deductible.

Shakespeare Animal Fund

The Shakespeare Animal Fund is a non-profit organization aimed at helping pet owners get free emergency pet care. It assists the disabled, elderly and individuals with total income that is less than the present poverty guidelines.

The organization pays the vets directly. The acceptable low cost emergency vet that can receive assistance are as follows:

  • Toxin exposure
  • Hit by a vehicle
  • Bite wounds
  • Laceration repairs
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Upper respiratory infections or pneumonia
  • Abscess including anal sac
  • Fractures
  • Seizing
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Straining to eliminate
  • Euthanasia
  • Paralysis
  • Torn toenails
  • Foxtails

The organization does not pay for vaccinations, neuter or spay or routine treatments. So if you’re looking for free vet clinics near me that can help you with emergency cases, then go to a low cost animal clinic and ask for funds for emergency cases from the Shakespeare Animal Fund.


This organization is dedicated to creating a crowdfunding solution to pay for veterinary care of pets whose owners do not have the financial means to pay for their ill pets’ care. This could be a good alternative for the pet owners who are searching for affordable vets near me so they can find medical help for their beloved pets.

Instead of providing emergency vet care for free, this organization helps those in need of funds for medical expenses of their pets create an account to start a funding campaign. Waggle provides guidance and advice on how to share the pet’s story via various social media sites. Proceeds from the crowdsourced funding goes directly to the vets’ professional fees and associated costs of the illness.

Alabama Animal Adoption Society

If you’re from Alabama, and in need of dog veterinarian near me for the stray pets in the area, then The Alabama Animal Adoption Society might be what you need. This organization helps unwanted and stray pets find new responsible and loving homes. It also exists to educate the public about the importance of neutering and spaying pets to avoid pet overpopulation.

The Alabama Animal Adoption Society is a non-profit organization and runs with volunteers and donations. They also seek individuals and families willing to become foster parents to the neglected and abandoned pets.

Alabama Alliance Inc.

The Alabama Alliance Inc. promotes affordable, high volume and quality spay and neuter services in the hope of ending animal overpopulation. As such, this non-profit organization offers neuter and spay surgeries at an affordable price.It could be the cheapest vet near me for many pet owners. Its services are available to everyone regardless of the person or family’s income as this is a low income veterinary clinic.

American Veterinary Medical Foundation

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation has two grant programs geared towards helping veterinarians and the animals they look after during disasters. This non-profit organization provides grants up to $5000 to aid victims of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, oil spills or tornadoes. It also has another grant program to help veterinary students and veterinarians who are experienced in disaster assistance.

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation is funded by donations.

Friends of Cats and Dogs Foundation

The Friends of Cats and Dogs Foundation offers various services to residents of Birmingham, Alabama. Its primary mission is to end animal overpopulation by providing spaying and neutering services. If you’re in search for cheap cat vet near me, then this foundation would be a good choice.

This non-profit organization offers spay or neuter services at a low cost vet prices . One can buy a certificate electronically to avail of spaying and neutering for their pets. The certificate can be given to a friend or relative looking for veterinarian near me cheap services to have their pets neutered or spayed.

It also has an adoption gallery, which is a virtual kennel available to those who need to find new homes for their pets.


Huntsville is a non-profit organization offering a variety of animal services and advocacies such as adoption, foster homes and addressing pet overpopulation.

It has the Huntsville Animal Shelter, which provides a home for abandoned and stray pets until someone adopts them. It requires that the adopting parties must be at least 19 years of age and can provide proof of identification. Adoption only takes around 30 minutes to complete all the needed paperwork.

Huntsville also provides spaying and neutering help via its Spay, Neuter Action Project or SNAP. This program is different from the government food stamp program also referred to as SNAP. Pet owners asking around for inexpensive vets near me should consider the SNAP.

Huntsvile’s SNAP program is also joined by Fixin’ Alabama Spay and Neuter program. The latter is a program designed to eliminate pet overpopulation so the state can avoid euthanasia for pets. This is free veterinary care for low income owners wanting these surgeries. Proof of income is required to avail of the Fixin’ Alabama Spay and Neuter Program.

Mobile SPCA

The Mobile SPCA is a non-profit organization, which aims to provide shelter, food, compassionate care, and medical attention to animals entrusted to the charitable entity. It also helps in the promotion of spay and neuter initiatives, adoptions, responsible pet ownership, transport, and community education. If low cost vet care near me is what you need,then this may be a good choice.

Mobile SPCA helps find foster homes for animals that are being prepared for adoption.

Shelby Humane

The Shelby Humane has been in existence since 1977 and has been providing care to some 5,000 cats and dogs annually. This non-profit charitable institution offers shelter to homeless and neglected pets.

Aside from its shelter, Shelter Humane also has a network of foster homes ready to provide temporary homes for adoptable cats and dogs. It also has the Shelby Spay Neuter program which has been offering discounted neutering and spaying programs to around 2,300 pets every year, making it a great choice for those wanting vet near me cheap rates for these services.

Alaska SPCA

Those in search of a low cost vets near me may want to consider the Alaska SPCA since it provides high quality yet low-cost veterinary services including spay and neuter surgeries, wellness and diagnostic exams, elective and referral surgeries, X-rays and vaccinations. The organization also has a state-of-the-art adopting center where prospective pet owners can visit.

Friends of Pets

Friends of Pets aims to promote responsible animal ownership as well as protect the abandoned pets. This organization also works to improve the lives of companion pets.

Friends of Pets offers the following programs and services:

  • Rescue, Foster, and Adoption- The group rescues animals who are reported to be either injured or ill. It then cares for these animals to restore them to good health. It also has a partnership with Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis or AWAIC where Friends of Pets provides temporary homes to pets owned by those who enter the AWAIC shelter. Concerned citizens looking for affordable veterinarians near me to help abandoned pets should get in touch with this organization.
  • Spay and Neuter Advocacy and Assistance- The organization offers spay and neuter services to those who are adopting new pets. Plus, it also helps residents in the Anchorage community by providing these services.
  • Education and Outreach- The organization offers educational assistance to community groups and schools. It also has a call center for the public.

Friends of Pets is a non-profit organization that operates through donations and volunteers’ work. It has a tax-exemption status from the Internal Revenue Services. This means donations to the entity are tax-deductible.

STOP the Overpopulation of Pets Inc.

STOP the Overpopulation of Pets Inc. is an organization that helps pay for neutering and spaying of cats and dogs to put an end to the killing of adoptable and healthy pets at animal control centers in Alaska.

The entity’s other mission is to educate both potential pet owners and current pet owners on pet-related issues, pet care, pet overpopulation, and training, to name a few.

STOP the Overpopulation of Pets Inc. has helped neuter and spay some 4,500 dogs and cats in the last 14 years of its existence. It’s perfect for pet owners looking for low cost pet clinic near me that can do neutering and spaying.

Straw for Dogs

his organization helps improve the lives of outdoor pets by assisting concerned citizens and caretakers with pets outdoors. The organization offers free supplies like straw, food, doghouses, and treats. It also provides neuter and spay services, fostering and rehoming, and training advice to residents of Alaska.

Straw for Dogs is a non-profit organization that operates through donations and has a tax-exemption status from the Internal Revenue Services. This means donations to the entity are tax-deductible.

Altered Tails Barnhart Clinic

The Altered Tails Barnhart Clinic offers affordable and accessible neuter and spay services for free-roaming cats and companion animals in the hope of ending euthanasia as a means of addressing the overpopulation of pets. If you have stray pets near your home or in your area, and you’re searching for vets near me that take payments, then consider Altered Tails Barnhart Clinic .

This organization offers spay and neuter services that are at least 75 percent lower than most full-services providers. This means pet owners or concerned citizens wanting an affordable vet clinic near me can get these services at a fraction of their costs. It also provides affordable vital services to rescue organizations and individuals with companion pets and low-cost vaccines.

The Altered Tails Barnhart Clinic is the biggest non-profit neuter and spay entity in the state of Arizona.

Animal Guardian Network

The Animal Guardian Network is a healing sanctuary that offers life-saving care and rehabilitation to neglected animals. It also provides special needs animals care services for life.

Pet owners who are grieving over the death of a beloved pet can go to the organization’s Healing Heart Chapel where they can find support and comfort.

The Animal Guardian Network is a non-profit organization that operates through donations and sale of merchandise. It has a tax-exemption status from the Internal Revenue Services, which means donations to the entity are tax-deductible

Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA

If you are looking for free vet clinics near me to help stray dogs and cats in your area, then this might be the answer. The Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA is the oldest and biggest no-kill shelter in Arizona. It works to rescue and rehabilitate cats and dogs and eventually rehome them. These cats and dogs are those that were either abandoned, surrendered, neglected and abused.

Annually, this organization rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes roughly 4000 cats and dogs. Its shelter can keep around 190 dogs and 140 cats at one time.

The pets it offers for adoption have already been either neutered or spayed as well as microchipped and vaccinated.

Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA is a non-profit organization that operates through donations and has a tax-exemption status from the Internal Revenue Services. This means donations to the entity is tax-deductible.

Chuck Waggin’ Pet Food Pantry

If you’re in search of affordable pet care near me, then the Chuck Waggin’ Pet Food Pantry offers pet service referrals and pet food by taking in donations from the public. It also accepts donations of pet supplies like leashes, toys, bowls, among others. The organization has different drop-off locations in the state.

Empty Bowl Food Pet Food Pantry

The Empty Bowl Food Pet Food Pantry is a non-profit organization that provides pet food and supplies during emergencies and natural disasters. It has partnered with different entities such as the Hopefest in Phoenix, Arizona Veterans Stand Down, and United Way’s Project Connect, to name a few.

Lost our Home

Lost our Home is an organization that helps both pet owners and pets by rescuing pets that are either at risk of being homeless or abandoned. It offers free vet care when owners are facing difficulties in life.

If for some reason, you have to find a temporary shelter and care for your pets and in search of free vet care near me then consider Lost Our Home. It offers rescue and temporary shelters when a pet owner is facing the following situations:

  • Domestic violence
  • Homelessness
  • Medical emergencies
  • Financial hardships

Those interested in helping the organization can do so by either volunteering, donating, adopting or fostering pets.

Pets in Need Action League

Pets in Need Action League offers help to pet owners by providing cash grants for the pet food. Pet owners can avail of the cash assistance by printing and filling out the Pet Food Assistance Qualification Form and mailing it. There are other spay and neuter documentation needed to qualify for this pet food assistance.

All About Labs

Labrador owners looking for affordable vet care near me as well as shelter can get in touch with All About Labs. It is a group dedicated to caring for canines including canine emergency veterinary assistance and in need of new responsible and loving homes. Its main focus is providing care for Labrador Retrievers and Labrador mixes. However, dogs of other breeds are also accepted in the organization’s program if there are space and sufficient funds.

All About Labs offers medical treatments and treats to its rescued dogs until they find new homes.

Bella Vista Animal Shelter

Bella Vista Animal Shelter is a non-profit animal shelter located in Bella Vista, Arkansas. It is focused on rescuing and rehoming as well as reuniting animal companions with their owners.

The shelter is constantly on the look-out for volunteers as well as donations.

Fuzzy Hearts

Fuzzy Hearts is an all-breed animal rescue center situated in Van Buren County, Arkansas. It takes animals off kill-shelters in that state and later on given to a foster home.

Aside from rescuing animals, Fuzzy Hearts also promote animal rights all over the world.

Humane Society of Saline County

The Humane Society of Saline County provides shelter for thousands of dogs and cats until these pets have been adopted. This might be the low cost vet clinic and shelter you are looking for either your pet or stray ones in your area.

It charges an adoption fee of anywhere between $75 to $300 to cover for the pet’s worming, shots, and spaying or neutering. Those interested to adopt must fill-out a one-page application form.

Have a missing pet and looking for cheap veterinarians near me and other groups that can help you find your beloved animal? This non-profit organization also helps in returning missing pets to their owners in exchange for a reasonable fee and proof of ownership.

The Humane Society of Saline County is a non-profit organization that operates through donations and has a tax-exemption status from the Internal Revenue Services. This means donations to the entity are tax-deductible.

Out of the Woods Animal Rescue

Out of the Woods Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization focused on preserving the sanctity of animals by finding new homes to pets in need. It helps individuals and families care for abandoned and stray animals until they are rehomed.

This non-profit organization also helps low-earning families find reasonably-priced neutering and spaying options. If you are in search of low cost vet clinics near me, and if you are from Arkansas, then this might be the one for you.

Out of the Woods Animal Rescue runs with the help of volunteers and is on the constant lookout for more people to help the organization.

The ACME Foundation

In search of free vet care for low income families near me? The ACME Foundation provides monetary assistance to pet owners who cannot afford the major treatments of their pets. Pet owners from Lake County, California who are either senior citizens, low-income earners and disabled can avail of cash assistance to help treat their severely ill dogs and cats.

The organization only works with one clinic, namely the Clearlake Veterinary Clinic. If you are in search of low cost animal clinic near me, then proceed to this clinic and fill out the Acme Foundation application form. Send it to the Clearlake Veterinary Clinic to avail of the cash grant.

Actors and Others for Animals

Actors and Others for Animals want to eliminate the overpopulation of pets by ensuring their proper care and protection. It provides both financial assistance and referrals to pet owners facing financial hardships. This is a great option for pet owners whose searching for reasonably priced vets near me due to financial difficulties.

Its main focus is to use the money it receives to offer spaying and neutering services to address the growing overpopulation among pets. Likewise, it also offers financial assistance to pet owners who do not have funds to provide proper medical services to their injured or sick animals.

Animal Health Foundation

The Animal Health Foundation aims to help wildlife and pets during times of need by doing the following:

  • Encouraging animal to human connection
  • Promoting public awareness and education regarding animals
  • Forwarding studies and advancement of animal welfare and health
  • Helping domestic animals as well as their owners
  • Supporting projects focused on wildlife

Pet owners who need financial assistance can apply for the organization’s Angel Fund Grant Program. The Angel Fund provides financial grants to pet owners with limited resources and are looking for free veterinary or low cost veterinary services.

The following are the eligibility requirements for the Angel Fund:

  • Vet hospitals with either non-voting or full SCV or VMA members on staff are qualified.
  • Individuals or clients who can prove their financial hardships
  • Pets that have been neutered or spayed or younger than six months.
  • Pets who are companion animals in need of non-elective surgical and medical procedures

Veterinary hospitals can get as much as $500 for full voting members while those with non-voting members can receive as much as $250 every calendar year. Individual owners looking for low income veterinary care can either get the same amounts at least once per calendar year.


If you live in Nevada and want to find cheap vet near me, then consider going to this organization. AnimalSave aims to help transform the lives of dogs and cats by giving affordable neuter and spay services and giving the animals new responsible and loving homes. The organization has sent at least 200 dogs yearly to good homes while some 1500 cats and dogs are receiving spay and neuter services annually.

Aside from The organization also has a Supplemental Pet Food Assistance program, which as its name suggests helps in supplementing the food needy families provide to their companion pets. This program is open to pet owners residing in Nevada County. The food assistance is only open for animals that have been neutered or spayed.

Bad Rap

If you are in search of free veterinary care for low income near me and you live in San Francisco, then this might be the one to go to. Bad Rap provides training and behavior counseling, microchips, vaccinations, and general support to owners of pit bull for free. The organization also offers neuter and spay surgeries to underserved communities.

This group also has the Keep’Em Home Project program that works with families to keep their bonds with their canines during a crisis with either free or low cost vet care.

Cat People

Those who say my cat is sick and I have no money and want to give up on my pet should consider going to this organization. Cat People aims to put an end to the suffering of unwanted kittens and cats by running a sanctuary, Pawsitively Cats. It is a shelter that keeps abandoned felines until they find new loving and responsible homes.

Cats In Need

Cats In Need helps felines by finding them new loving homes as well as promoting responsible ownership.

Pet owners who are ready to give-up their cats saying that my cat is sick and I have no money can go to this shelter.

Helen Woodward Animal Center

The Helen Woodward Animal Center is a non-profit organization located in San Diego County. It offers different services to promote the humane care and adoption of pets. The center is a no-kill facility.

One of the programs of the Helen Woodward Animal Center is the Pets Without Walls, which aids homeless San Diego residents keep their four-legged pets healthy and well-fed. It has a Spay and Neuter Mobile Unit as well, which conducts regular visits in various homeless shelters in San Diego to provide free veterinary services like health check-ups, neuters and spay services, life-saving vaccinations, preventive medical care and, tick and flea medication to dogs and cats.

The program also offers free food to these pets owned by homeless individuals and families. And if you always think that I need a vet but have no money, then the Helen Woodward Animal Center could be the solution to your problems.

The Helen Woodward Animal Center is a non-profit organization operating via donations. It has a tax-exemption status from the Internal Revenue Services, which means donations to the entity are tax-deductible.

Mojave Desert Animal Rescue

The Mojave Desert Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization offering various assistance programs to pet owners.

It has the Local Assistance program providing pet owners with pet supplies and food free of charge. This program is open to low-income families, homeless pet owners, and local non-profit organizations helping home-bound seniors with fixed-incomes.

The group also offers skilled free vet care for low income families with badly injured animals as well as hospice care for pets who are beyond medical help. There’s also the Desert Canid Project designed to provide humane trapping services for dogs, desert canids and sick coyotes that were dumped in deserted rural areas.

The Mojave Desert Animal Rescue also has the Disaster Assistance program, which goes to areas hit by natural disasters or areas with high cruelty cases to provide emergency assistance.

Pet Assistance Foundation

The Pet Assistance Foundation or PAF, in short, wants to reduce the growing volume of unwanted companion animals in Southern California by providing help with neutering and spaying services. If what you want is a cheap veterinarian near me to either spay or neuter your pet, then this organization may be exactly what you need.

PAF has 10 branches scattered in Southern California aside from its dedicated Spanish hotline in all its locations. Looking for veterinarian near me prices that are affordable? Then this might be the perfect entity for your pet’ spay and neuter services,
Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation

Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation is a leader in animal rescue having rescued more than 42,000 dogs and cats since its founding in 1991.

This organization boasts of many programs and services such as the following:

  • Low-cost spaying and neutering services. This makes it a great option for owners looking for low cost dog clinic near me for these services
  • Educational and awareness programs on respecting and being compassionate to animals
  • Pet therapy to comfort seniors, children, veterans and other people in need
  • Transformation of rescued dogs into skilled service animals for individuals with traumatic brain injuries, veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic syndrome disorder or PTSD and more
  • School break and daycare camps for children
  • Dog training
  • Free food from donations to be given out to pet guardians who need assistance in keeping pets at homes
  • Emergency Medical Fund to help low-income dog owners residing in Contra Costa County fund non-emergency care for their pets

Voice for the Animals Foundation

The Voice for the Animals Foundation offers a variety of programs such as rescue and adoption, abuse prevention, humane education, animal films, feral colonies, and farm animal rescue, to name a few.

It is a non-profit organization that is funded by donations. It s tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Services allows for tax-deductible donations.

The Cartwright Foundation

If you beloved pet needs scans and you are trying to find cheap x rays for dogs, then consider this foundation.The Cartwright Foundation helps pet owners located in Denver and the Front Range, Colorado become responsible pet owners by providing financial help.

The financial assistance is intended for unforeseen surgical or medical costs of pets who might die without medical attention. Owners who qualify for this assistance must shell out an initial $300 for the medical surgeries or procedures. The Cartwright Foundation will then pay another $500 for the pet’s medical treatment or $1000 for surgical procedures.

The organization will cover 50 percent of the amount beyond the combined amount shelled out by the foundation and the owner.

Cat Care Society

The Cat Care Society is focused on improving the lives of the injured, abandoned, and abused cats found in the Denver metropolitan location. Its, shelter, however, is limited, which means that it is unable to presort the cats in its care.

Aside from providing shelters to felines in need, this non-profit organization also sponsors educational programs promoting the humane treatment of animals, responsible pet ownership and elimination or reduction of pet overpopulation.

Denkai Animal Sanctuary

Denkai Animal Sanctuary is a thrift shop in Downton Cortez selling donated pet-related items to fund its animal rescue operations.

Max Fund

Looking for a cheap vet clinics near me when you can no longer take care of your beloved pet? Max Fund is another no-kill animal adoption and animal shelter. The organization provides shelter to animals who have been abandoned, injured or abused so they can another second chance at life.

PetAid Colorado

PetAid Colorado is another not-for-profit entity created to help care for pets by giving access to veterinary services for pet owners who are facing financial hardships.

This organization has three programs, namely the Animal Hospital, Community Outreach, and Care Grants.

Pet owners whose pet needs medical assistance can vail of PetAid Colorado’s Care Grant. This program is like free vet care for low income families as it offers a supplemental one-time medical assistance so owners can save the life of their pets. This is open for pets with good to excellent prognosis. It is available for all veterinary clinics located in rural and frontal counties of Colorado.

StarRelief and Pet Assistance

If you have a sick pet and looking for free animal clinic near me, then StarRelief and Pet Assistance is an entity focused on keeping families and their pets together. It provides life-saving veterinary care and pet food supplies for families facing financial hardships. The organization aims to reduce the number of animals that are either surrendered or left behind at local animal shelters by helping out pet owners looking for a free pet clinic.

This non-profit organization offers help to pet owners in search of low income vet near me. The following can ask for assistance.

  • Low-income persons and families
  • U.S. Military members and their families
  • Physically and/or mentally impaired pet owners
  • Homeless pet owners
  • Retirees and senior citizens living on a fixed income

Delaware Humane Association

The Delaware Humane Association or DHA is a premier no-kill adoption and animal care center servicing four areas in Delaware. It is focused on providing comfortable shelters, good meals and eventually a new home for pets who receive grooming services, daily exercise, obedience training, and medical care as needed.

If you need neuter and spay surgeries and vaccines for your pet, and researching on cheap vet clinics that can do it, then the DHA also offers reasonably priced spay and neuter services, low-cost vaccines and pet food pantries.

This is a non-profit organization operating via donations. It has a tax-exemption status from the Internal Revenue Services, which means donations to the entity is tax-deductible.

Forgotten Cats

Forgotten Cats is a non-profit organization specializing on the trap, neuter, vaccinate, return or TNVR. It provides TNVR services in the region, particularly in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland. It is a no-kill organization.

Cat owners looking for cheap vet clinic near me with neuter or spay services can reach out to Forgotten Cats.

PETS-DC differs from other entities providing care and assistance to pets by being focused on helping pet owners diagnosed with AIDS or HIV. It is a group with dedicated volunteers who can help AIDS or HIV patients search for the following for their pets.

  • Cheap veterinarian
  • In-home pet care like feeding, litter box cleaning, tank or cage cleaning, and dog walking
  • Adoption services
  • Foster pet care

Fairy Tale Endings

Fairy Tale Endings is focused on assisting financially-challenged families in Manatee and Sarasota keep and give their pets proper care. It offers financial help, product and service donations, and outreach programs. Pet owners with sick pets can look for low income vets near me and ask for help from Fairy Tale Endings.

The organization receives plenty of inquiries and applications daily asking for help. Due to its limited funding, the group selects applicants filing for cash assistance for their pet vet services based on the following.

  • Financial capacity of the pet owners
  • Fund availability
  • The opinion of the attending veterinarian regarding urgency, necessity, and prognosis of the pet

To qualify, the pet must have been with the owner for at least a year, and not being re-homed. The owners must meet income eligibility requirements, and reside in either the Manatee or Sarasota country. Proof of temporary hardship or income must be submitted together with the filled-up application form.

The Pet Project

The Pet Project wants to reduce the number of pet owners surrendering their pets to shelters due to financial hardship. This non-profit entity offers pet food and veterinary services.

You Can Make a Difference Inc.

Low income individuals and families researching about free pet clinic near me, should consider You Can Make a Difference Inc.

This organization wants to prevent animal abuse, abandonment, and neglect by offering the following programs or services:

  • Low-cost spay and neuter vouchers
  • Co-payment for neutering and spaying services
  • Low-cost wellness vouchers
  • Emergency pet food assistance
  • Rescuing and rehoming assistance for pets who are victims of neglect, abandonment, and abuse

Quad City Animal Welfare Center

The Quad City Animal Welfare Center or QCAWC operates a shelter for homeless animals as well as pay for neuter and spay services. The organization is the lone non-kill shelter in the Quad Cities area.

The organization also has a walk-in wellness clinic for preventive care of pets and is a good choice for pet owners who are in search of low cost veterinarian near me. The clinic offers vaccinations, heart-warming tests, and wellness exams at affordable rates.

The Monroe County Humane Association

The Monroe County Humane Association offers a variety of programs such as a veterinary clinic, outreach centers, and spay and neuter assistance, to name a few.

Its veterinary clinic is not free of charge for all, but it offers low-cost services. This makes it a great choice for pet owners who can prove that they are suffering from financial hardships or are beneficiaries of government social programs and are looking for low cost veterinarian options. They can have their pets that are ill or injured treated for a minimal cost.

Great Plains SPCA

Great Plains SPCA offers comprehensive programs designed to strengthen the relationship between humans and animals. It serves around 6000 pets yearly. It offers humane sheltering, behavior and training, pet food pantry, and adoptions.

The Pet Connection

The Pet Connection helps the community by helping individuals and families find the right cat or dog along with its other programs.

Pet owners can avail of the following services:

  • Cat and dog adoption services
  • Playgroups and dog socialization
  • Obedience training classes
  • Positive training and consultation on housetraining, leash and barrier aggression, separation anxiety and other common behavior issues
  • Foster care programs
  • Help for pet owners unable to keep their pets and want to rehome their dogs or cats responsibly

Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations can avail of the following services:

  • Workshops and seminars
  • Training and consultation for cats and dogs that need rehabilitation

Frederick County Humane Society

The Frederick County Humane Society offers spay and neuter services, basic vet care and humane education for pet owners. It cannot offer free services, but its rates are discount vet prices.

Thankful Paws

Thankful Paws is a Maryland-based organization offering programs that will help the community have a greater appreciation of the bond between a human and an animal. It offers a mobile pet food bank, specially created for the homeless pet owners who live on the streets or parks. The mobile food banks provide pet food and supplies.

Those interested can fill up the Homeless Pet Food Request Form.

MSPCA Angell

The MSPCA Angell offers a wide range of programs and services designed to help pet owners as well as the community.

Pet owners seeking financial help or free vet clinic for the treatment of their pets can fill up an application form and submit the following:

  • Three consecutive pay stubs
  • Most recent US income tax return
  • Most recent W-2 form

The financial assistance is a one-time help so that the organization can aid as many pet owners as possible. As such, it is best to look for low income vet clinics near me. The pet’s prognosis may also affect whether a pet owner will receive financial help.

Aside from financial assistance, MSPCA Angell also provides animal behavior training, neuter and spay services’ and lost and found services.

Minnesota Humane Society

The Minnesota Humane Society offers a veterinary grant to pet owners. The grant is not suited for preventive care such as vaccinations or spay and neuter services, but are rather intended for animal illness or injuries.

Pet owners receiving the grants will have to shell out an initial $50 while the Minnesota Humane Society will pay for the remaining balance of the veterinary bill of up to $1000. A family can only receive grants for two animals yearly.

The attending veterinarian must consult the organization about the pet’s prognosis and diagnosis as well as the recommended treatment.

To qualify, the animal or pet must be owned by the applicant for the grant and must live with him or her. Applicants must also provide a Minnesota Identification card and take part in at least one of Minnesota Humane Society’s need-based public assistance services and programs.

To apply, pet owners must email the organization to obtain the link and submit the online application form, which can also be faxed or mailed.

Animal Alliance

Animal Alliance is an organization focused on promoting animal welfare by rescuing and rehabilitating homeless animals until they are ready for their new owners. It priorities animals who are either victims of abuse or neglect or those who are facing euthanasia.

Pet owners in search of low vet prices near me should consider the Planned Pethood clinic, which provides basic veterinary care at very affordable prices.

The Animal Protection Society of Durham feeds and provides shelter as well as medical attention to some 5000 surrendered, stray, abused and abandoned animals annually.

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare

The Oklahoma City Animal Welfare provides animal shelter services and has served around 24,000 animals annually. The shelters take in a variety of animals like dogs, cats, other small mammals, rabbits, farm animals, birds, reptiles, and wildlife. This organization is the lone entity that shelters this many kinds of animals.

The organization also responds to any reports of injured animals, animal cruelty, animals posing danger, and loose dogs, to name a few.

Do you own a pet that’s near his or her life and asking yourself if there is a low cost vet clinic near me that can help ease the pain and suffering of your beloved pet? Then consider this option as the entity also offers end-of-life services.

Cat Adoption Team

The Cat Adoption Team of Portland is the biggest feline shelter in the Pacific Northwest. It offers different programs and services like free veterinary care and adoption to homeless kittens and cats.

Pet owners shopping around for free vet clinic near me so they can have their cats spayed or neutered can go to the CAT’s Spay and Neuter clinic. The cost of the services is subsidized by charitable donations.

If you’re a cat owner who’s looking for a discount veterinarian near me for spay and neuter service can go to CAT”s. To qualify for the subsidized neuter or spay services, cats must be not younger than eight weeks old and should weigh at a minimum of two pounds. The clinic also offers services like vaccinations and microchipping.


Pro-Bone-O is the lone non-profit organization offering free veterinarian services in Lane County, Oregon. Aside from the vet services, pet owners can also avail of free food and supplies. These services and products are available to pet owners who are homeless.

The organization operates two free clinics monthly. Services of the clinic include vaccinations, medical exams, flea treatments, nail trims, and food. Emergency medical procedures can also be availed by the most deserving pets.
Animal House Project

Looking for free vet near me? The Animal House Project aims to keep pets out of shelters by providing services and food, all thanks to donations.

Pet owners can avail of pet food care items that would include dry canned dog, cat, bird, horse, reptile and small animal food. Sometimes toys, treats, bedding, grooming supplies, flea and tick treatments, are also available.

Sam’s Hope

Sam’s Hope wants to save the lives of companion pets by allowing low-income families to have access to free vets for dogs and cats as well as pet food. This organization has several programs to aid financially needy pet owners and families. These would include food assistance programs, Hope meals for the pets of elderly and homebound owners, and veterinary care assistance programs.

Eligibility to the above-mentioned programs is limited to pet owners who can clearly demonstrate or prove their financial hardships and have never received help from Sam’s Hope previously.

Sam’s Hope relies on donations, which are tax-deductible given that the organization has an exempt status given by the Internal Revenue Services.

Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association

Pet owners from Rhode Island who are asking if there are cheap vets in my area should consider this group. The Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association or RIVMA for short is a group consisting of active veterinary professionals wanting to promote veterinary medicine and its contribution to society.

The organization offers public health programs and services to residents of Rhode Islands. These would include:

Low-cost rabies clinics that offer vaccinations to some 1,5000 Rhode Island animals annually. Pet owners looking for veterinary services near me offering anti-rabies can consider this option.
Spay or neuter assistance programs that provide discounted rates on these surgeries for low-earning pet parents.

Pet owners who are struggling financially can also avail of the RIVMA Companion Animal Foundation financial assistance program that provides free vet care for unemployed or low-income earners so that they can seek routine or emergency medical treatments for their beloved companion pets.

Pet Samaritan Fund

If you are concerned about the abandoned and abused pets in your area and in search cheap animal hospitals near me, then it would be good to know that the Pet Samaritan Fund was formed to help the abandoned, injured, or abused pets in Salt Lake City in Utah.

This organization offers the following services and programs:

  • Housing for sick, abandoned, abused, and injured animals
  • Adoption program so unwanted and rescued animals can find new loving homes
  • Vet help for low income families or individuals who need pet food, medical aid, supplies, and transportation

Pet owners who need financial help can apply for Pet Samaritan’s medical care. This is open for Utah residents, particularly in Salt Lake and surrounding counties.

To apply, pet owners must prove financial hardship by presenting any one of the following:

Concern for Animals

Concern for Animal has been helping thousands of animals and pet owners for more than 37 years. It provides several services such as:

  • Financial assistance for neutering or spaying
  • Financial assistance for vet care
  • Pet food bank
  • Adoption and Rescue

The pet assistance for low income families is only applicable for pre-veterinary appointments. This means that the organization does not finance present and past-due vet clinic balances. Pet owners must provide proof of low income, military or student status to qualify for vet bill assistance. Applicants for this service are vetted carefully due to limited funding.

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