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federal financial relief

BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!

BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!


These organizations will pay your bills (for free)

These organizations will pay your bills (for free)

In most instances non-profit organizations and charities are created to provide help and assistance for needy individuals and families. Some of these organizations and charities are localized while some operate on a national level with local chapters.

Non-profit organizations and charities are able to provide help and assistance from funds and grants provided by private individuals, grants from state and federal governments and private companies.

Need Help With Bills? Reach out to Organizations and Charities

Non-profit organizations and charities are also able to get funds from fund raising campaigns. Non-financial resources come from gifts and donation from individuals and private companies. Donations may come in the form of cash, food, clothing, housing and even used cars. Some manufacturers also donate their products to non-profit organizations and charities.

Many utility companies also provide organizations and charities with programs which they can offer to low income families. Many government programs are implemented with the help of non-profit organizations and charities.

Non-profit organizations and charities often provide specific assistance programs to needy families. Some provide only assistance for rent and mortgage payments. Some provide help for medical or school expenses. There are also some organizations and charities which deal mainly with job training and placements.

Volunteers play a huge role in providing assistance to low income families including medical and dental professionals, teachers and case management counselors on how to deal with debt and mortgage payments.

When to Ask for Help

Assistance provided by non-profit organizations can range from short term to long-term assistance. Many assistance programs also lead to the eventual self-sufficiency of their beneficiaries.

There are numerous underserved communities in the US. Non-profit organizations and charities make life easier for low income individuals and families, children, single parents / moms, the elderly and persons with disabilities.

When you are in need of help for any emergency there are programs you can consider. There are national organizations that can offer help with paying medical bills including free medical care, health care expenses and disease prevention.

There are also charity organizations that help pay bills including utilities, housing, rent and eviction prevention. Many charity organizations can also offer employment opportunities and job training. Gasoline and car payment assistance may also be provided.

Assistance for Transportation

While charities and national organizations that help those in dire need, they do have limited funding. Most of these organizations get their funds from donations coming from local business and individuals.

There is a high demand for assistance and with limited resources, most charitable organization give priority to programs that give help to families who have children, the disabled and seniors.  Financial help for families in need during a crises is given always as a last resort and with certain conditions.

Non-profit and charity organizations can also provide assistance by referring you to other assistance and aid programs. You can rely on them for referrals and can use their staff as resources.

Working Cars for Working Families

This organization offers help for families that need a car for job training and employment. This organization offers various programs available to eligible applicants. Available programs include match saving programs, financing and low interest loans as well as free automobiles that have been donated to the organization.

In an effort to provide help to as many people as they can, this group works in coordination with other organizations, local charities and churches. They pool their resources together so they are able to help more low-income individuals and families.

Ways to Work

This is an organization that helps people get auto loans with low interest rates. Most of the help are extended to individuals and families who cannot get cash grants or loans from banks or regular lending institutions.

Cars nowadays are a necessity rather than a luxury. You need a car to get you to work and home. If your current income will not qualify you for an auto loan from financial institutions, Ways to Work can help you get an auto loan.

Loans given can be used by individuals or families for car maintenance and repairs and for purchasing a used or new car. It can also help with transportation expenses.

Opportunity Cars

This program is being offered by more than 150 non-profit organizations nationwide. They focus on helping low income families with work who have no means of transportation or own a car. This program helps individuals or families own cars so they can find jobs and keep them as well.

The program gives free used cars which have been donated. Auto loans with low interests and matching grants may also be provided to low income individuals and families.

Gasoline Vouchers

The Salvation Army may have limited funding but they are able to help with free gasoline vouchers for doctor appointments and job interviews. Gasoline costs often cost a huge dent in your budget. Free gasoline vouchers can allow you to use the money intended for gasoline for some more important needs in your home.

Free Car Repairs

Several non-profits, churches, regional and national charities can help individuals get free or low cost automobile repairs. These services focus on people who need cars for work. It can be costly to maintain a car but with the help of these non-profit organizations and charities, you can seek assistance for car maintenance and repair. Application is necessary.

Free Gas USA Inc.

Disabled, the elderly and low income individuals can get grants for free gasoline from this organization. Persons with disability and the elderly need to be mobile. With free gasoline assistance they can move independently and still be productive members of society.

Financing and Donated Cars from Non-profits

Organizations, churches and charities donate cars to low income individuals and families. These cars have to be used for job training and work. Matching funds and auto loans with low interest may be offered by non-profits to eligible individuals.

Charities and Churches

Churches that work closely with the Saint Vincent de Paul may sometimes have available funds to help individuals with free gasoline and car repairs. Help is given to individuals regardless of religion.

Automobiles for Employment

There is a national organization in-charge of gathering donated cars and giving them to low income families. The charity prioritizes individuals who are in dire need of a car to get to their job training or work. In some cases, individuals are able to qualify for this assistance even if the need is non work related.

1-800-Charity Cars

This is the top Car Donation Charity in the US. This Charity Cars help program will provide refurbished vehicles for safety and reliability. In some instances a license plate, money for the down-payment of insurance and a service warranty to cover repairs are provided by the charity.

Charity Organizations for Help with Groceries and Food

These donated vehicles are given to low income individuals and families with the condition that they should work, become self-sufficient and become tax-paying individuals in their community.

They also provide families that are willing to work towards being self-sufficient with their bills through case management assistance 

Share Our Strength

This is a network of activists, food programs and community groups. The main focus of this network is to ensure that every kid in America has food and that no kid should go hungry.

School Supplies

Most charities ask donations for backpacks, pencils, pens, binders and clothing including winter attire with the aim of providing children with everything they need for school.

Parents can get these free items donated by the public for their child. Education is one of the major keys to getting out of poverty. Teachers may also request for stuff they need for their classroom.

Local Food Banks and Pantries

Every state has charity organizations and non-profit centers that work to fight hunger. Every year, close to 40 million Americans get food at lowered prices or free food from food banks and pantries. Food is the most basic of all human needs. Non-profits and charities along with the government make sure that as much as possible no one goes hungry in America.

Food from Government and Non-profits Programs

There are government programs for free food such as the Nutrition Services Incentive Program, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food stamps and the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). Food and Nutrition Service. The government works closely with non-profits and charities for the smooth implementation of these programs.

Non-profit agencies in the regional basis also give food boxes and meals for free or at lowered prices to all people regardless of income and background. Search for the list of programs and organizations where you can get high quality free or cheap meals, food and groceries.

Feeding America

Feeding America is the leading charity in the US that addresses hunger. This charity is in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia with about 200 food banks.

This charity gets over 2 million pounds of groceries and food as donations for distribution.  Over 25 million low income individuals or those with food problems in the United States including 3 million seniors and 9 million children benefit from the efforts of this charity.

You can search for the locations of the charities’ distribution centers or reach them at phone number i800.771.2303.

Charities for Clothes

There are several organizations and groups that can help with the basic needs of low income families. They distribute gift certificates and vouchers so needy individuals can get goods they need for free.

School and work clothing, everyday use clothes, personal hygiene items, holiday assistance can be requested at any of their distribution centers.

Angel Food Ministries

This is a non- denominational and non-profit organization that serves and help a lot of families on a monthly basis. They work to give financial support and relief with grocery bills to communities and low income people in the entire United States.

Individuals and families do not need to qualify and fill application forms. There are also no minimums and income restrictions. They ar4e in 35 states across the country. They may be reached at telephone number 1-877-FOOD-MINISTRY.

Financial Assistance for Education and Employment

Reading is Fundamental, Inc. (RIF)

The RIF organization promotes among children the love for books with the aim of encouraging children’s literacy. This is done by giving children across the US free books to help them in school. They are free to choose they book they like. They can also keep the books.

The Midnight Mission

They provide the homeless with shelter, health care, clothing, food and personal hygiene items. They also provide the homeless with job training and placement, counseling and education to lead them toward self-sufficiency.

Mercy Education Project

This group is dedicated to help girls and at-risk women by providing them with life and academic skills, as well as education. It is their aim that these individuals achieve academic success so they can eventually be self-sufficient.

Goodwill Industries

This national organizations assist the needy get temporary and permanent jobs by providing them with resources, training programs, job placements and career counseling.

Free Job Training

The Workforce Investment Act was created by the United States Department of Labor to provide services for the youths, seniors, low income people and the unemployed. This program provides skills and job training the workforce needs to be competitive when seeking employment.

Dress for Success

The goal of this organization is to assist disadvantaged and struggling women achieve success in work and life. These are done by helping the women achieve economic independence by giving them tools in career development, professional attire and a whole lot of other support. They can be reached at 212.532.1922 and can be found in over 90 cities in the United States.

Angel’s Place, Inc.

They help single parents and low income individuals continue with schooling by providing them with FREE tutoring, counseling, career planning, parenting classes and childcare. Their fully-equipped support centers can be reached at 412.321.4447.

Help with Housing Rent and Expenses

Free Home Repairs

Non-profit organizations that will be listed below not only provide assistance to meet mortgage but will also help low income individuals and families get direct financial grants for home repairs.

Non-profit agencies, churches and charities have a lot of programs that can provide loans with very low interests or cash grants for home repairs.

Housing and Mortgage Counseling

There are non-profit organizations who can assist homeowners who have been delayed in paying their mortgages. It is free to ask for information and request support from this non-profits.

They will refer homeowners to housing counselors certified by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) who can assist them in studying the available programs to help them with mortgage.

Available programs for mortgage assistance include solutions to prevent foreclosure, refinancing, mediation and loan modifications.

National Coalition for the Homeless (NHC)

These non-profit organizations include groups that provide resources for housing assistance. Charities are also part of this group. The NHC and the groups that work with them strive to provide people with safe housing.

The homeless and homeowners facing eviction can get information about emergency grants and short-term housing assistance from these non-profit organizations.

National Church Residences

These charities have operations in almost all states. These charities prioritize the elderly and senior citizens, but the disabled, single moms or parents, and previous homeless individuals may also have access to low income apartments.

Aside from providing housing assistance, the National Church also assist with financial management, job placement and information on how to be self-sufficient.

Mercy Housing

This charity has operations in most states across the country. The Mercy Housing is one of the leading charities in the nation. It provides assistance for case management and affordable housing. This charity is faith-based.

This charity has homes and apartments for low income individuals and families. They also have numerous homes specifically for single parents or moms, veterans, the disabled and senior citizens.

Interfaith Hospitality Network or Family Promise

This charity organization has a nationwide operation. This charity is composed of congregations, churches and volunteers who work to reverse and prevent homelessness. They provide numerous services to the homeless including job placement, clothing, food and temporary housing.

This is sort of an exchange type housing program. An apartment or homeowner may offer free rent to an individual searching for a home in exchange for services such as household tasks, caring for pets, shopping

The exchange program may also be in the form of a homeowner offering accommodations to the homeless in exchange for sharing with rent costs.

Financial Assistance for Parents

Rent and housing assistance for single moms are the priority of numerous non-profit agencies and charities. These groups want to make sure that children of single moms are not homeless. Other low income families can also apply for this assistance.

This charity will connect single moms so they share a home and housing expenses. With this arrangement , both single moms can share a home and share in the paying of basic needs, utilities and rent and or mortgage. 

Energy Bill Charity Programs

Discounted and/or free oil is provided through the Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program. This program is offered by charities that help with heat in partnership with the Citgo Petroleum Corporation (or CITGO), thousands of heating oil dealers and local agencies that provide fuel assistance for Midwest, Northeast and other states with cold weather.

This program is available in 17 states including Wisconsin, Vermont, Virginia, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Michigan, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Delaware, District of Columbia, Connecticut, and Arkansas.

Top Rated Charities Providing Help With Medical Bills and Expenses

Listed below are the top rated and leading charitable organizations that can provide assistance with medical bills. Get in touch with the charity specializing in your condition. For instance if you have Parkinson’s disease, go to the Parkinson’s disease Foundation. You can also go to organizations that help cancer patients financially.

  • Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
  • National Organization for Rare Disorders
  • National Kidney Foundation
  • National Jewish Health
  • National Hemophilia Foundation N.O.
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
  • Lupus Research Institute
  • Lupus Foundation of America
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
  • Huntington’s Disease Society of America
  • First Candle/SIDS Alliance
  • Epilepsy Foundation & Research Foundation
  • Diabetes Research Institute Foundation
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  • Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America
  • Arthritis Foundation
  • American Lung Association
  • American Liver Foundation
  • American Kidney Fund
  • American Brain Tumor Association

There are numerous non-profit organizations and charities that help with medical bills across the nation. They can provide financial help medical bills as well as other forms of assistance including help for prescription medications and insurance payments.

Search for a list of national non-profits and find out how to get financial help with medical bills.

Free Credit Consultation for Medical and Credit Card Debt

There are numerous non-profit organizations you can call for help with regards to credit services, budgeting and financial assistance programs.

There are non-profit organizations that have credit counselors that can help individuals manage debt. These counselors provide free counseling services pertaining to foreclosure, bankruptcy and credit score repairs

Charity Health Care

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation

The UHCCF is an organization that provides assistance in getting help paying medical bills for families of children. Cash grants are given to pay for expenses, bills and medical services that are not covered by the commercial health benefit plan they own. Families can receive cash assistance of up to $5,000. They can be reached at (952) 992-4459.

Smiles across America, Inc.

This organization prioritizes low income families that are uninsured and have children in schools. Assistance is for preventive dental care including fluoride treatments, sealants, cleaning and preventive dental education. They can be reached at (312) 836-9900.

Shepherd’s Hope, Inc.

Volunteer Healthcare professionals provide free medical care to uninsured and low income families. Many professionals, nurses and doctors volunteer their services and time to this advocacy. They can be reached at (407) 876-6699.

Patient Services Inc.

Uninsured and low income patients who are chronically ill can ask help for financial aid, insurance premiums and medical bills.

Patient Advocate Foundation

This non-profit charity works to help protect and ensure the wellness of patients by giving them access to healthcare and medication.

Applicants are referred to organizations that can assist them with maintaining financial stability of the patient and help in paying debts and medical bills. They also provide resources to maintain the employment status of patients depending on the diagnosis of their life threatening or debilitating diseases.

Patient Access Network

Through the years this non-profit organization has given tens of millions of dollars in cash assistance to uninsured patients so they could pay hospital and medical bills.

Modest Needs

This is one of the charities that help pay medical bills by providing grants and medical assistance funds. Eligible individuals can be provided with funds and cash grants. Assistance provided also includes independent living grants, back to work funds and grants for self-sufficiency.

Mission of Mercy, Inc.

Underinsured and uninsured patients getting healthcare services from a mobile medical clinic operated by volunteer healthcare practitioners can get free lab tests, x-rays, dental care, free prescription medications and of course, free healthcare. Get in touch with them at (717) 642-9062.

Medi-Corp Health System

This group offers charity care and assistance with payment scheduling. They are also able to provide and negotiate discounts on medical bills. An approved schedule of medical treatment should be worked out in advance before this charitable organization can provide medical care.

Medi-Corp can offer the uninsured and underinsured with discounts to lower their medical bills.  Discounts on medical bills can be from 20% up to 60% of the cost of healthcare. The amount of discount is based on a sliding scale.

Life Beyond Cancer

Cancer patients can seek relief in paying for their everyday living expenses from this non-profit foundation. They provide financial assistance and grants for the patients’ monthly expenses including payments for utility bills, car, food and rent. Patients given this assistance should be in active treatment of their cancer.

HealthWell Foundation

Payment for prescription medication is the priority of the assistance provided by this charitable organization. This group offers grants and financial assistance to cover the cost of the patient’s prescription drugs, health insurance premiums and various everyday health care expenses.

Funeral Expenses

There are non-profit organizations that provide help with funeral expenses for cancer patients and other patients as well.

The Funeral Memorial Society of America can help with information on how money is saved on funeral bills, burials and caskets. There are also other organizations in most states that can help indigent and low income families give their dead a decent burial.

Free Medical Camps

This charitable organization provides continuous health care for eligible patients who meet the requirements of the program’s guideline. They are not a charity for medical bills payment that have been incurred in the past.

Free Diapers For Kids

The Diaper Bank (TDB) is a new charitable organization that distributes to low income families, free diapers. This service is coursed through shelters, social service agencies, food pantries, soup kitchens and daycare centers.

Free diapers are provided through the efforts of the Diaper Distribution Network (DDN) of various charities and agencies. They can be reached at 203-934-7009.

There are also other non-profit organizations who partner with leading diaper manufacturers such as Huggies or Pampers to provide low income families with free diapers. Getting free diapers is a big help for low income families.

Free Prescription Medications

Free and discounted prescription medications are offered by various assistance programs. The Patient Advocate Foundation, NeedyMeds, Together RX Access and Dispensary of Hope are some of these assistance programs.

Exams and Eyeglasses

There are lot of charitable institutions and non-profit organizations that offer low or free eye examinations and prescription eyeglasses.

Dental Care

Through the Dental Lifeline Network in coordination with non-profit and charitable organizations, thousands of dentists offer free dental services to low income families.

Children’s Health Fund (CHF)

Children and their families who received the least medical care in America are offered free health care services by this charitable organization. They provide children and families with much needed services and medical care. They give assistance with medical costs regardless of the family’s paying capacity. They can be reached at (212) 535-9400.

Catholic Charities

These charities provide assistance for the payment of health care and medical bills to those who need assistance throughout the US. Services and assistance are closely coordinated with the Providence Healthcare Network.

This charitable organization offers free websites and information with the aim of bringing together patience with friends and families for the purpose of sharing love and support while the patient is fighting a serious medical condition or a serious health event. Patients can also get information on their options for recovery and treatment. Check out www.caringbridge.org.

CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation

Medical and hospital bills payment assistance are given through cash grants and financial assistance. Priority os given to cancer patients whose finances ran out due to the treatment expenses.

American Veterans Relief Foundation

This foundation helps military veterans as well as their families with increasing debts and medical bills. They can be reached at 800-215-6782.

Various Services

Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)

Priority is given to struggling families, single parents as well as women and their children. This charity aims to empower women so they can be self-sufficient.

The YWCA provides transitional housing, job training, and day care services that are affordable to low income families. There are also programs to help veterans and domestic violence victims.

Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)

YMCA has services that provide assistance to the entire family. Priority is given to those seeking jobs, the unemployed and children. YMCA works to make sure that low income families will be able to provide food for their children every day and especially during the summer vacation and holidays when they are not in school.

This charitable institution also provides day care assistance for children whose parent/s need new skills or those who want to find jobs.

Volunteers of America

This national non-profit organization works to provide little short-term financial assistance because it is their aim to help individuals be self-sufficient in the long-term. They offer various services including job training, emergency assistance and housing support.

This organization’s focus is to help low income individuals and families have a new lease in life by helping them to be self-sufficient.

Urban League

This non-profit organization prioritizes education, employment, medical needs and housing assistance. They concentrate their assistance on the working poor and low income families by providing indirect financial help, job programs and counseling.

United Way

Many utility companies all over the country provide assistance and support so Americans can get help in paying their utility bills. In certain instances, the utility companies provide their help through Utility Way.

You can get in touch with United Way to check if your utility provider is part of the assistance they provide.

Seniors and Older Adults

The office of your local agency on aging can coordinate and offer free services and charity care. There are assistance programs that focus on individuals who are 55 years old and above, senior citizens and the elderly.

Samaritan Ministries

The centers provide assistance to the less fortunate in the form of financial help for health care, transportation and food. There is no specific charity that administers their assistance programs. Many hospitals and local agencies function as Good Samaritan Centers. These centers are usually operated by groups based on their faiths.

Salvation Army Family Emergency Services

When I need help paying my bills, Salvation Army can help. For additional assistance to pay your electric, utility and heating bills, you may also get in touch with the Salvation Army.  This organization can provide assistance for individuals who have almost no options for help in paying their bills.

The Salvation Army Family Emergency Services section can assist those who need help with basic human needs including food, clothing and electric bill payments and even counseling.

The Family Emergency Services has case workers provide crisis intervention assistance to prevent low income families from being homeless. If you need help, get in touch with the local chapter of the Salvation Army in your locality.

Saint Vincent de Paul

Saint Vincent de Paul is a charitable organization that can help with basic needs and bills payment regardless of background and religion. Although they have limited funds, eligible low income families who are in the middle of a crises can turn to this charity for help.

Operation Round-Up

Gas and utility companies are behind this assistance program which are available in many states. Grants and funds for energy assistance are given to low income families who need help. This assistance program also provides help for housing costs, rent and payment of medical bills.

Most of the funding for these assistance programs are contributions coming from customers of the utility companies.

Operation Homefront

Active and retired military personnel are the focus of this non-profit charity. This charity offers counseling, grants, emergency financial assistance and other forms of aid. They also provide support and assistance to families of wounded soldiers and to the families of the members of the service.

Net Wish

This non-profit organization provides help for the payment of important bills in times of an emergency. Assistance comes in the form of free money and cash grants. This non-profit organization created by a private individual gives priority to low income families with children and the elderly.

National Assistance League

This is a national charity with local chapters that function to meet the basic needs of the community where they operate. 

Operation School Bthatell is one of its most offered programs which provide children with school items, books and school clothes. Other assistance programs are also available such as day care, social services, meals and dental care. This charity organization has thousands of volunteers who help low income individuals and families.

Ministries from United Methodist Church – UMC

This charity is church-based and provides numerous programs to low income families. The hunger ministries provide assistance for free meals or food. They may also provide assistance for transportation including rides to work and auto repairs and maintenance.

They also have hunger ministries that give free meals or food. In addition, these ministries work in close coordination with local clinics and housing organizations so they can provide these forms of assistance to low income families. Non-profits, churches and charities closely coordinate with each other to help low income families.

Lutheran Services in America

This charity works in coordination with other charities and human service groups to provide assistance to low income families.

They have programs that can provide financial help for important bills, meals, medical care and housing. Most of the beneficiaries of their programs are struggling individuals, the elderly and low income individuals and families.

Love in the Name of Christ, or Love

This is a charity organization that operates from numerous cites and allows low income families to access a Clearinghouse. This Clearinghouse will connect low income families with assistance churches can offer such as transportation, housing, meals, food and shelter.

The Love in the Name of Christ, or Love also coordinate with charities and churches which may be able to provide cash assistance for utility bills that are overdue, rental payments and medication expenses.

Jewish Federation of North America

This national charity allocates funds to non-profits all over the country to provide emergency assistance and social services. Assistance may include financial help for energy bills, prevention of homelessness and rent.

The Jewish Federation of North America may also coordinate development of the workforce and job training. Most locations of the Federation will provide help to families in need regardless of age, race and religion.

Gradient Gives Back Community Outreach Program

This program gives cash assistance for mortgage and rent payment. They also provide help with budgeting skills, income tax returns and provide counseling.

Catholic Charities

When in a crisis this charity organization may be able cash assistance and financial help. They operate in over 3,000 locations across the country. Anyone can seek help from this charity regardless of religion or background.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has local branches across the country that can help families pay heating and electric bills. The Red Cross can also help in disaster assistance as well as conduct safety and health classes for disaster preparedness.

Assistance provided by the Red Cross can provide any form of assistance come in any form because they always have extra funds for emergency situations. The funds of the Red Cross come from the United Way payout.

Community Action Organizations

These are local non-profit organizations that have numerous programs to help the needy with job training, payment of utility bills and any other services.

Local and national charitable organizations have numerous resources that are available for short-term assistance to individuals and families in need. For whatever financial or service assistance you may need, they have aids and programs that can help you deal with a crisis situation.

Non-profit organizations and charities that provide assistance for paying bills and other forms of assistance have basic requirements and eligibilities beneficiaries need to comply with. Requirements vary depending on the form of assistance being given but often the most basic requirement is family size and income.

How to Get Help

Everyone tries to work hard to cover the cost of living with some extra cash for a little rest and recreation. There are just times that no matter how hard you try it can be difficult to make both ends meet.

Fortunately for Americans, there are resources available through non-profit organizations and charities for low income individuals and families to seek relief and assistance.

When you think you need assistance for living costs, medical emergencies, school and work assistance, the first thing you need to do is approach non-profit organizations, charities and government agencies in your locality.

Here are the steps you need to take when asking for financial or any form of assistance from non-profit organizations and charities:

  1. Check all your available options.
  2. Search for a list of non-profit organizations in your locality that have programs which provide assistance to low income individuals and families.
  3. Study the list of assistance programs offered by these organizations and charities.
  4. Choose the organization or charity that gives priority to the form of assistance you need.
  5. Get a list of requirements you need to submit to be eligible for the assistance program.
  6. Gather and complete your requirements to ensure eligibility for the assistance program you are applying for.
  7. Go through counseling should it be available from the non-profit or charity you have chosen.

Although help and assistance are available, most non-profit organizations and charities have strict requirements for eligibility. It can sometimes take months for financial assistance to be approved. That is why it is important that you choose the organization or charity that gives priority to the type of assistance that you need.

Waiting for Approval

Here are some helpful tips you can use so you can be stress-free while waiting for the assistance from non-profit organizations and charities you applied for.

  1. Do not panic. Panicking will get you nowhere. It will also force you to make harsh financial decisions. Take a deep breath and think of your options. It can sometimes be difficult to think straight in the middle of an emergency or crisis. If you are not so sure of what to do, ask help from someone who was once in the same situation as you are right now.
  2. Know your priorities. You might say that you have always been budgeting what you have. Based on the emergency you have right now you may need to budget more. Take a look one more time at your budget. There may be ways that you can keep some spending to a minimum. You can also be more creative and think of alternatives to save on some bucks.
  3. Ask for help. Never wait for the last minute to ask for help. The moment you feel you will be needing some financial assistance, immediately seek help. Some assistance programs take time before they are given. Besides if it takes long for you to seek assistance, it may be more complicated.
  4. Grab every assistance that comes your way. Even if it is not the specific assistance you need, some assistance programs may indirectly be of help. For example, you are seeking financial assistance to pay for your electricity bill. If the day care center of your child provides diapers, take advantage of the opportunity. The money you save on diapers can be part of your electricity bill payment.

Most non-profitable and charities have been created to help the needy. Take advantage of what they can offer for the short-term. It is of course still important to think long-term. Grab whatever assistance they can provide which can help you be self-sufficient in the long-term. This refers to the job training and job placement assistance programs.

It is always better to seek and assistance at the earliest time possible. The moment you notice that you are going to be in a state of financial, immediately seek help. Non-profit organizations and charities are always ready to help those that are in need.

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