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BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!


Disabled housing assistance–does it really exist?

Disabled housing assistance–does it really exist?

The United States has an estimated 36.4 million disabled citizens. It is a known fact that persons with disability often have lower income potential and are more likely to living in poverty. This makes them prone to be needing more housing assistance.

Decent and safe housing is one of the biggest issues faced by the disabled sector of society.  It can be challenging for disabled persons to search for and keep a home. If you are disabled and have low income, you may not be able to afford apartment rentals and home mortgages.

You may be able to find affordable housing but they are often located in unsafe and hard to reach areas.

There are existing laws in the US to address the housing needs of the disabled. It is the government’s aim to give the disabled access to affordable, safe and secured homes that are able to accommodate their special needs.

UHUD programs

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (UHUD) provides rental and disabled housing assistance. The resources of the HUD focus on providing housing assistance for disabled so they can have access to  affordable, secure and safe homes.

Here are the various programs the disabled members of society can get. These programs for housing for people with disabilities are mainly financially supported by the government.

  • HOPW
  • Tenant Based Rent Assistance
  • Section 811

Aside from these programs, the disabled can also seek help based on the disability section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. These various programs aim at providing supportive housing for person with disabilities so they can live independently by taking advantage of affordable disability apartments rental and housing facilities.

In additional to affordable rental and disability housing, Section 811 provides services to further support the disabled. These services include free advice, referrals for other assistance programs, case management and many other programs.

  1. Rental Assistance Program. Disabled individuals who quality for rental assistance get rent subsidy from the government for apartments for the disabled.
  2. Project Rental Assistance. This assistance handles the remaining cost between the contribution of the tenant for their home or apartment rental and the cost approved by the HUD programs. This project can assist the family of the disabled individual up to 3 years.

The tenants contribution to the apartment or home rental is often 30% of the voucher base on the adjust income of the household.

The disabled individual may apply for an extension of the assistance provided they are still qualified and funds are on hand.

Rental Assistance Programs for the Disabled

These housing assistance for disability programs funded by the federal and state housing resources focused on providing help to the disabled.

1. Development Program Vouchers

To qualify for this program, the household must have a disabled family member. Senior citizens are not counted. Vouchers provided can be used to pay a portion of the government pre-approved home or apartment expenses.

This program is offered by the public housing authorities of towns, counties and states. It is administered by the same agency that handles section 811. Despite the limited funding, this program does not have a waiting list. Conditions such as income limits are strictly taken into consideration though.

2. Emergency Rental Assistance for the Disabled

The local government, charities and non-profits have various programs to help families with disabled members pay for their monthly rent. These programs are also open to other individuals in need but because of the limited funding, priority is given to the disabled applicant.

3. Housing for Disabled Provided by Section 8

This is the program for low income housing provided by the federal government. This program provides assistance for home and apartment rental for the elderly, low income families and the disabled.

Applications for these programs are processed by the Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) of states. These agencies also handle the release of vouchers and funds.

4. Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)

This rental and housing assistance is provided to families who have a family member that has HIV/AIDS. This HOPWA program provides short-term and long term emergency rent and housing assistance, shelter or transitional housing. Long term housing solutions affordable housing for disabled are also available.

5. Tenant Based Rent Assistance

This assistance comes in a form of a voucher. The amount of the assistance is the difference between the actual cost of the apartment and how much the family is capable of paying for disabled apartments for rent. Other states have higher funds and have more to give to their voucher programs for the disables.

The main goal of section 811 housing program vouchers is to assist families with a disabled family member living in their household. All assistance programs aside from Section 811 work to provide a comfortable, secure and safe housing for the disabled person. Assistance comes in the form of monthly rentals, security deposits as well as counseling, case management and low income housing for disabled persons

Application and Requirements

National Supportive Housing Network

This is a national non-partisan and non-profit organization whose main focus is to help individuals with disability. The mission of the disability housing network is to provide housing assistance for disabled by providing access to affordable housing and to increase the availability of such housing units for

The National Supportive Housing Network focuses on low income households with a disabled family member.  This national organization coordinates their programs and resources all over the country.

Resources provided include:

  • Works on increasing the availability of affordable disabled housing to rent
  • Assists individuals who are in institutional homes when they should not be there in the first place.
  • Refers individuals so they can get free legal advice, security deposit and emergency rental help.
  • Works in close coordination with other non-profit organizations to create more options for housing for disabled adults.
  • Information on where to get and how to get rental assistance programs.
  • Provides the disabled individual with information on how to increase his income or how to find housing.

Preventing homelessness of the disabled and housing for persons with disabilities are the main reason for the pro-active approach of this non-profit organization in providing assistance. One of the most reliable resource the Supportive Housing Network can refer to the disabled individual is Socialserve.

Socialserve can help families with disabled members find low income apartments for disabled or housing. You can contact Socialserve at 1.877.428.8844.

Section 811 housing

A family with a disabled family member can seek assistance through Section 811 through any housing for disabled program or non-profit organization in their county.

Requirements for disability housing and section 11 application for apartment assistance include:

  • The household may consist of only the disabled person or at least one disabled member of the family that is 18 years old and above.
  • Disability of the household member must be any form of developmental disability, a physical handicap, chronic mental illness or serious medical condition.
  • Applicants are limited to low income families based on the average income in their area.
  • Housing units should be owned and operated by private individuals.

If i am disabled and need housing there are numerous government and non-profit organizations to rely on for help.

Employment Options for the Disabled

While the US federal and local governments as well charities and non-profits have programs that can assist the disabled with safe and secure housing, it is always best for the disabled person to work towards self-sufficiency.

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) has created guidelines for employers who want to hire persons with disabilities. Employers hiring disabled persons are given tax credits and incentives.

Prospective employers of disabled persons are also guided on how to hire and retain disabled employees.

On the other hand, there are organizations that provide learning skills and job training for disabled persons so they can seek employment. However, disabled persons are still confronted with numerous barriers when seeking employment.

Disabled persons should have the same legal rights as those without disabilities in seeking employment. They should be given equal rights to earn at least minimum wage, get promoted and get raises. Persons with disability can only work towards self-sufficiency when they are earning real wages.

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