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BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!

BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!


Warning: Don’t overpay for utilities when FREE help is available

Warning: Don’t overpay for utilities when FREE help is available

If you are struggling with your utility, electric and heating bills, there are bill payment assistance resources you can turn to for help.

You can choose from any of the available options and plans or programs that can provide you with emergency utility assistance.

1. Non-Profit Organizations

There are non-profit organizations and charities you can approach for help with utilities payment. Many of these organizations and charities can provide you with grants to cover a portion of your utility bills.

Numerous non-profit, charities and even social services organizations plans and programs that provide bill assistance services.

These organizations may have limited funds for emergency utility assistance but they have programs and resources which you can avail of.

Non-profits and top publications also provide energy saving tips to help people save money by reducing the cost of utility bills.  There are tips that can allow households to save as much as 10-40% of their energy bills.

2. Utility Companies

At the very instance that you feel you may not be able to pay your utility bills, you can get help paying utility bills directly from the utility companies. As a matter of fact, they should be the first you should communicate with.

Most utility companies have programs for financial help which you can look into such as emergency utility bill assistance programs funded by the community or shareholders. These programs may include credit or cash assistance as well as payment plans.

Financial help utility companies offer may include credits and cash assistance. They may also help the household deal with utility bills through a budgeting program so they can better control heating and cooling costs from running high.

The balanced payment plan is a utility help payment plan wherein you will be billed a monthly fix amount for your electric bill so you can budget more effectively.

Other than payment plans, utility companies may also offer prevention of shut off plans and conservation measures.

3. Government Grants

State and federal government organizations provide grants when you need help paying bills. You can use the money to pay your energy bills. It can also be used to shoulder the fee for conservation measures.

There are also other government programs help pay bills in the state and federal level. These programs may include low cost oil or fuel. In certain instances these may be offered for free.

Help from Non-Profit Organizations

1. Union Plus Home Heating Oil Discount by HEAT USA

This program provides union members with discounted heating oil. This discount program is for use in buying oil, propane or natural gas or for a free service contract and is available to Union Plus members. Read more.

2. The National Fuel Funds Network

This non-profit raises funds to help families with the payment of heating and electric bills as well as conservation measures.

This organization consists of fuel banks, utility companies, and a multitude of community action agencies. Read more about the energy bill programs of the National Fuel Funds Network

3. Salvation Family Emergency Services

The Salvation Army has case workers which provide crisis intervention for help with electric bill to prevent homelessness caused by power shut off.

Low families can turn to the Salvation Army for referrals or financial help. The Salvation Army Family Emergency Services provides a safety net for families that need help with utility bills and have no other resources to rely on.

Other than assistance in paying utility bills, the Salvation Army also provides counseling, food and clothing.

4. Operation Roundup

This is an assistance program provided by most utility companies. This program can help families who can’t pay electricity bill as well as other bills. Families can even turn to this program for help in paying medical bills or rent. It also offers food aid.

This program also has prevention programs for families that need electricity bills help because they are near to being served a shut off notice or already have a disconnection notice.

Shut-off protection plans can help families with light, heat and electric bills. Through this program, low families can have their service restored

5. Free Legal Assistance

Many states work with pro-bono law firms that can offer advice on legal rights pertaining to disconnections of utility service. The disabled, elderly as well as individuals with low to moderate incomes can avail of these services.

Priority for the free legal advice is given to the elderly and those with medical conditions. Free legal advice is given by lawyers to prevent a power shut off.

6. Dollar Energy Fund

This fund has provided hundreds and thousands of families with help with bills especially for heating and utility bills.

This fund has been around for close to 30 years and are available in such states as VA, MD, OH, PA, TN and WV. Read more about the Dollar Energy Fund.

7. Community Action Agencies

These agencies accept applications for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) for help paying electric bill.

Close to 1,500 counties across the US have this type of non-profit organization that help pay utilities bill. They are also able to refer other resources you can work with for your electricity emergency.

Weatherization Services and Financial Resources from Utility Companies

1. Water Bill Assistance

The Low-Income Payment plan and the H2O – Help to Others are two of the programs available to help me pay my bills.

American Water has branches across the US which can help pay water bills and help reduce water consumptions through free audits.

2. Home Energy Audit

This free or for a minimal fee audit service provided by most utility companies.

A home energy audit identifies how you can update or improve your home so you can bring down energy costs. If you are within the specified income range, there are utility companies that can contribute to the cost of fixing your home.

3. Energy Assistance Programs

These programs may include help in paying for fan and air conditioning bills during the summer and are particularly available in the westerns and southern states.

This emergency electric bill payment program is available at the federal, state and local levels. Grants and cash assistance for electric bill help may also be provided.

Some utility companies also offer this assistance. Assistance may go as far as providing free AC units or box fans.

4. Balance Payment Plans

This is a plan that allows a customer to pay his light bill through a monthly flat rate. Most utility companies offer this plan so customers can budget the cost of their cooling and heating requirements.

This payment plan can easily help paying light bills because the total annual cost is spread out in a fix amount. There are a lot of households that have difficulties paying their utility bills when the costs surge during the summer and winter months.

5. Utility Company Assistance Programs

This is a financial electric assistance program to help customers with options for weatherization as well as arrears. This assistance program is available to customers in most energy providers and utility companies.

Utility Bills Payment Assistance Provided by the Government

1. Winter Protection Programs and Plans

You can work out a payment program to avoid my electricity is shut off I need help scenario with your electric company.

This program prevents a possible disconnection of your heating service and other utilities when you have a disabled or sick family member, young children or a senior family member.

2. Home Heating Oil Buying Network

Low cost heating oil are available to households from companies that function as wholesaler buying clubs for of heating fuel oil.

The Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program offers discounted or free home heating oil. Households with low income as well as those of the elderly have been provided with discounted or free heating oil.

Support is also given to households that are in present state of emergency due to job loss or those living impoverished lives.

3. Turn On Electricity Assistance

In the unlikely event of a shut off, low income families have difficulties having their utilities reconnected. These families can avail of an electric shut off need help assistance to restore their utilities.

4. Heating Repair Replacement Program (HARRP)

This program deals with the replacement or repair of furnaces, appliances and heating units as well as other upgrades necessary in the home. This assistance is often provided together with the Weatherization program.

During the summer, this program also offers free window fans and air conditioning units. This assistance is part of the services offered to low income families by charities or the LIHEAP such as the Salvation Army.

Electricity bills payment assistance is often also provided together with the free air conditioning units to ensure struggling households with senior citizens, low income parents or single mothers as well as with a disabled family member are kept cool during the summer.

This assistance program for help is available to households when faced with a cant pay my electric bill situation. Each state has a different name for this program which is funded by the federal government.

5. State Assistance Programs

Most states provide emergency electricity assistance over and above the assistance programs of the LHEAP to pay heating and utility bills.

They also provide assistance for the free installation of insulation and new appliances which are energy saving methods to help lower electricity bills.

6. Internet and Telephone

Families with low income can avail of discounts from Lifeline for the phone bills. They can also avail of high speed internet and cable connections and receive free mobile phones.

Most of these assistance come together with the places to pay utility bills program including the LIHEAP. Thus customers qualified for the LIHEAP automatically qualify for this internet and telephone assistance program.

7. Heating and Utility Disconnection Regulations

Almost all states have laws that prohibit the disconnection of power by a utility company during the hot summer and cold winter months.

Households with a family member with a medical need and those with children received additional protection from the law.

8. The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

This program assist with electric bill qualified households. Priority for available funds are given to households with disabled members as well as senior citizens.

Assistance provided may help households solve problems for their cooling and or heating bills.

9. The Weatherization Assistance Program

This program aims to make a home energy efficient through free weatherization services and energy conservation measures. These household improvements will help households save money through lower electric bills.

Services provided by this program include tune up of furnaces, minor home repairs, insulation of attics and walls, and weather stripping.

This program can also free customers with always having to seek assistance when it is time for where to pay utility bills near me.

10. Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Block Grant

The community Action Agencies are tasked to process the applications of households who wish to avail of the assistance provided through the LIHEAP. They have a lot of available resources that can help when you need help paying bills.

This program provides two services: Weatherization to make the home energy efficient thereby lowering energy costs; and providing financial assistance for low income households which cant pay electricity bill.

Your local government, non-profits and charities as well as utility companies have programs which can help you pay heating bills.

LIHEAP also has crisis emergency programs for low income households that have low supplies of fuel or heating oil as well as though facing power disconnection.

The release of funds is often expedited when there is utility or electric shut off . Qualified customers need not worry where can I pay my light bill near me because the financial assistance can be directly paid to the utility company.

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