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BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!


California residents: Did you get your free phone from Lifeline yet?

California residents: Did you get your free phone from Lifeline yet?

Wireless California lifeline assisted cell phone services are ideal for low income families that live in California. All qualified California residents can apply and receive free California phones. However, an applicant should be eligible to receive Californialifeline free wireless phones. Some of the eligibility requirements to qualify for these government phones include government subsidies and low household income.

California Lifeline phones are only limited to one person per household. If a person has a free ca lifeline phone, he or she cannot apply for another California subsidized free phone offer. Fortunately, you can get more info on californialifeline.com as far as eligibility is concerned. California subscribers that meet all the income limits can apply for bonuses as well.

Acceptable eligibility programs

Some of the standard eligibility requirements that you can use as proof to get lifeline chico include Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Food Stamps, National School Lunch, Medicaid, and Children Program just to mention a few. Federal Public Housing Assistance and Section 8 is also a requirement to qualify for my free ca cell phones.

What does California lifeline program include?

  • Reasonable recharge plans
  • Call waiting
  • Nationwide calling
  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited text messaging
  • Three-way calling
  • No roaming charges
  • Caller ID service
  • Free 911 service
  • No charge on long distance domestic calls

So, if you want to apply for phones r us Atwater ca, your income level should be under 135% as this means you live under the poverty line. As a result, this automatically qualifies you to receive free unnecto government phones. While your income is the main factor when applying for a California life line phone, other factors are considered to determine eligibility.
For instance, if you want to apply for a free California Lifeline phone number, Lifeline authority will verify eligibility by checking your documents. After submitting all the proper documents as requested, then you can receive a free phone within a week. Lifeline authority follows a similar procedure for California lifeline renewal.

Here are some of the best California lifeline cell phone providers;

1. Assurance Wireless cell phones

For California residents, Assurance Wireless is a major play that provides free government phones. So, if you stay in California, then this is an excellent option for you. Since assurance wireless is a renowned Nextel/ Sprint company, they usually have a reliable network coverage in almost all states.

  • Some of the benefits include;
  • Unlimited text
  • Unlimited talk time
  • Free android smartphone
  • Unlimited text and 5GB data

2. Access Wireless Lifeline Free Phone Providers

If you want to apply for a free safelink ca government phone, you can consider Access Wireless. For California residents, Access Wireless is the best option for free phones. Besides offering free phones to California residents, they provide free government phones across thirty-five states. But California residents usually get more benefits.

Some of these benefits include;

3. SafetyNet Wireless California lifeline providers

Another reliable free government telephone provider is SafetyNet Wireless. In fact, this is the best California life line provider in the USA. They offer California lifeline renewal services as well to customers. Essentially, their cellphone plans can be classified into three categories. California residents receive extra benefits from the SafetyNet Wireless phone program.

Besides offering a California lifeline phone number, eligible applicants also receive unlimited text and talk time, as well as free 5GB data.

4. EnTouch Wireless free government cell phone providers

This free government cell phone provider is part of the Boomerang Wireless company. It is a reputable free government subsidized phone provider. And besides offering free phones to eligible California residents, they also sell phones yuba city ca. They offer used phones San Diego and at least twenty other states nationwide.

Some of the benefits they offer include;

  • Unlimited texts and talk time
  • Tribal Plan
  • 500 MB Data
  • Free Cell Phone
  • 100 MB 4G data
  • 1000 minutes talk time

5. Safelink Wireless Free Cell Phone Providers

SafeLink is a good provider for free government net phones for residents in the USA. Apart from California, Safelink Wireless is prominent in more than forty states nationwide. Find more information on safelink wireless cell phone providers on California lifeline.com. Alternatively, you can visit www.californialifeline.com using the pin below.

Some of their phone plans include;

  • Unlimited text and 1000 minute talk time
  • 911 access and voicemail
  • 2GB data
  • Free android government issued cell phone
  • Free calls to the customer care

How to Renew or Apply for Cell phones yuba city

If you want to apply for the best free government cell phone 2019, you should provide your PIN or personal identification number on the renewal or application form. Next, type in your phone number to receive all the eligible Lifeline discounts. But if you haven’t put your phone number on the form, then use the enrollment code. An enrollment code acts as the first step of the application process.

To renew phones r us Atwater or apply for unlocked phone san diego plans, then you need to get an application form from a lifeline administrator. But if you don’t yet have the application form, you can contact your cell phone provider directly to facilitate the application process. The same case applies when applying for unnecto free phone.

That said, if you qualify for a free subsidized government phone, the first thing you need to do is to contact your cell phone provider and apply for Lifeline. However, the cell phone provider should be an approved Lifeline service provider. After you notify the cell phone provider of your intentions to get a free phone, they will start an application process immediately.

As mentioned earlier, the California Lifeline Program is a nationwide state program that offers discounted cell phones. But to receive lifeline san diego and free phone plans, applicants must meet all the eligibility requirements. One household can apply for only one discounted cell phone or home phone.

How to check California lifeline application status

You should input your californialifeline.com pin to check your application status. You will find your personal PIN printed on the Lifeline renewal or application form. After you log in to the page, type in your phone number and PIN to receive amazing lifeline discounts.

Also type in the Applicant’s cell phone number where you want to receive free California lifeline discounts. But if the applicant’s cell phone number isn’t printed in the form, then use your enrollment code.

Program Guidelines: Is a free cell phone plan right for you?

Currently, there are two major California lifeline cell providers you can trust. There are cell phone discounts provided by the California LifeLine Program and another one by the Federal Lifeline program. All eligible California residents should consider these cell phone programs as they are designed to reduce phone bills considerably. The California lifeline program offers both the Lifeline Program as well as the federal lifeline phone program.

If you want to apply for best cell phone service San Diego or used cell phones Sacramento, you should first download the application form. Only one free phone is allowed per household except for users with disabilities. Each household should choose whether to receive a free phone or home phone. And one household cannot receive a great discount from several phone companies.

Households that have telephone companies in California can only get a discount on one phone. One household usually includes children and adults living together in a single unit. This is referred to as an economic unit and often consists of adults over 18 years of age, who are sharing and contributing to the household’s monthly expenses and income.

The Federal Government requires the applicants birth date and social security information, as well as the Tribal ID number during renewal or application. However, you are supposed to have a

California lifeline number to qualify for lifeline discounts. Visit www.californialifeline.com espanol to get more information. Applicants can also get information on eagle cellular Bakersfield white lane on this website.

Important information to consider before applying for the lifeline California program

If you want to apply for a free phone California to receive the LifeLine discounts, you cannot submit a new enrollment application before 30 days expire. Put simply, you cannot make multiple enrollment applications to receive the LifeLine discounts. A 30-day wait period will end if the respective Lifeline Administrator sends the eligibility decision, or if the application is cancelled.

After the 30-day wait period expires, then you can submit a new application for phone service sacramento or phone service san diego. Alternatively, you can decide to cancel the discount enrollment process by contacting your blu phone service provider or the California lifeline administrator. Check the status directly on your smartphone but remember the cell phone provider can also decline the enrollment request.

Factors to consider for new applicants for discounted phone services

As from July, 2009, all new applicants of California phones org apply should be first approved before they receive lifeline discounts. So, if you want to apply for a free California lifeline program, you need to meet the eligibility requirements to receive the basic free phone service. But to be on the safe side, remember to ask your home phone provider about the charges so that you are aware of the fees and rates beforehand.

To assist you in paying the up-front expenses of establishing a home phone service like the connection/installation fee, deposit, and service conversion charges, you should request for a payment plan that is interest-free. That will help spread your payments to manageable increments as you wait to get approved for the California LifeLine program. Often, payment plans vary depending on the phone company.

After your cell again riverside ca application is approved by the lifeline administrator, you will receive an amount that is the difference in pricing between the standard rate and the lifeline discounted plan. The price will factor in the monthly charges, deposits, service conversion charges, and connection/installation fee.

Consequently, you will get a credit bill with the requested California lifeline discount. And if your phone bill is more than $10, then you can request for a refund check immediately from your respective phone provider. Otherwise, the refund can act as a line of credit on the new lifeline discount account.

How to start the application process

To qualify for landline phone companies in California, you should first contact the cell phone company that offers such income-based plans. The same case applies to anyone interested to avail a free phone plan from phone companies in los angeles. After you request for a free phone plan and meet all the eligibility requirements, the lifeline phone provider will start an application process on your behalf.

After a week or two, the lifeline provider will mail you an application form alongside a PIN and enrollment code. And to receive the desired lifeline benefits, you should fill out the application form accordingly and then forward it to your California lifeline provider. Ensure all your documents are factual and up-to-date. You can also apply for the lifeline service online. It’s as simple as that!

Visit safelinkca.com for more information on how to apply for a free government lifeline phone. Remember to sign the application form before mailing it. If you fail to return the application form before the due date, then you will not get the discount. And if you had signed up for a regular home phone service, then you will continue paying the standard rates.

For those who are using a prepaid phone service, it is better to find an alternative way to receive and make calls before your lifeline application is approved. But what if you want to buy used cell phones san diego? Do you follow a similar process? Yes, you have to apply online and provide all the pertinent documents. Use this procedure for 10000 cell phones san jose as well to receive a lifeline phone.

How to cancel the safelink California enrollment request

An applicant can decide to cancel the enrollment request directly by contacting the California lifeline administrator. Cick www.californialifeline com espanol or www.californialifeline.com to contact the lifeline administrator.

Discounted phone plans available to California residents are as follows;

  • Service conversion fee for home telephone services – at least $39
  • Monthly cell phone service charge – at least $14.85
  • Monthly measured service discount rate – at least $14.85
  • Monthly flat service discount rate – at least $14.85

Besides paying the purpose surcharges for free government phones by state, other factors to consider include excise tax and local franchise taxes, as well as the 911 tax related to the telephone service. Discount prices on more than two phones are only allowed for disabled applicants. This program is referred to as the teletypewriter.

But if the disabled and deaf don’t provide the TTY, then they have to provide a valid medical certificate that indicates the person’s eligibility for TTY. Upon approval, the discount is accepted on the home phone line.

Should you apply for the Obama phone California program?

Essentially, there are two main ways on how to apply for the Obama California phone plan. You can qualify for the lifeline program via income-based or program-based eligibility. That means you need to provide all the necessary documents that prove eligibility. Thereafter, you are required to submit all the copies that proof eligibility together with a complete application. Sign the application in a legible writing.

Program-based California telephones application method

You automatically qualify for a free phone under the LifeLine plan if one person in your household qualifies for one of these public assistance programs:

  • Section 8 or Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Supplemental security income (SSI)
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  • Medi-Cal/Medicaid
  • National School Lunch Program (NSL)
  • Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC)
  • Assistance for needy households, TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Welfare-to-work
  • Stanislaus County Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids
  • GAIN or Greater Avenues for Independence
  • CalWORKs

Income-based eligibility process

To understand whether you qualify for the free wireless phone, you should first know the California lifeline income limits. Here is the gross income limits for respective households:

  • A household with at between 1-2 people should earn at least $28,700 as gross income
  • A household with at least three people should have at least $32,600 as gross income
  • A household with at least four people should have at least $39,700 as gross income
  • Additional family members should pay $7,100

More importantly, the household should provide documentation to prove household sum annual income. It should meet the set income limits to qualify for a California lifeline cell phone. And a household’s gross income is all the money earned before taxes. Gross income on all members of the household is not limited to dividends, alimony, interest, salaries, stipends, inheritances, and gifts.

Social security payments, workers compensation, and unemployment assistance benefits are taken into account to consider whether you qualify for a California free phone.

The California free phone annual renewal process

All California LifeLine members should renew their free California phone plans yearly. Each year, based on the customer’s anniversary date, participants receive a renewal form alongside their phone PIN number. Customers can get a renewal form from www californialifeline or www.safelinkca.com. When a customer fails to renew participation in the subsidized phones program, they are cancelled from the program immediately.

That means they lose their lifeline discount with immediate effect. When this happens, regular rates for home phone charges apply.

Some of the documentation required to apply for phone service los angeles renewal include;

  • Alimony or child support documents
  • Social security, Pension/ Retirement, Veterans Administration, and Workmen’s Compensation
  • Paycheck stubs or income statement for at least three months
  • Proof of tribal tax return
  • Proof of eligibility via letter confirming participation in a public assistance program.
  • Documents that prove participation in a qualifying federal assistance program

California phones application due dates matter!

Whether you apply online or send the complete application to the lifeline provider, he/she should respond promptly to advise you on the way forward. You can know the due date highlighted clearly on the renewal or application form.

If you don’t submit the renewal or application form as intended, then the lifeline landline phone service san diego provider will not receive an application form. And if the customer has lost his PIN, you can contact the California LifeLine Administrator for assistance on how to retrieve it.

Possible reasons that might lead to disqualification

  • An incomplete application form.
  • When you don’t complete the form correctly
  • If you are found ineligible to receive best cell phone plans san diego
  • If you fail to return the application form promptly before the due date
  • If you fail to provide all the pertinent documents that prove eligibility
  • If you apply for refurbished cell phones san diego through someone else’s tax returns
  • The application doesn’t have a valid consumer signature
  • You have already qualified for a California Lifeline phone plan, but not eligible for another phone under the lifeline discount program.
  • Consequences of disqualification by phone companies in California
  • Customers might pay interest
  • Customers might have to pay a considerable service deposit
  • Paying the regular rates required to get home phone service

Not receiving lifeline discounts

When this happens, the customer must re-apply for the used cell phones fresno ca program again. They have to repeat the entire process again and may have to pay the conversion service fee for phone companies in san diego. Customers can appeal the disqualification or denial by contacting the CPUC’s Customer Affairs Branch.

Don’t miss out on used cell phones for sale in los angeles lifeline discounts!

For more than 30 years, the reputable lifeline discount program has provided free phones for eligible low income households nationwide in the USA. The program was designed to create opportunities for education, jobs, and emergency services. And recently the coverage transformed from broadband internet to 3G smartphones.

As a result, smart cell los angeles lifeline program has provided quality smartphones with Wi-Fi internet for free to qualifying customers. In the preceding years, the lifeline program later changed the eligibility requirements and saw the need to give Wi-Fi enabled smartphones to eligible candidates for seamless access to information.

Benefits of the best phone service in san diego lifeline program

Surprisingly, though many households today qualify for the discount lifeline program, most people are yet to embrace this golden opportunity. The main eligibility requirement to qualify for the we r wireless Anaheim is participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program.

Unfortunately, despite over 40 million people receiving food stamps, only about 12 million free phones have already been given to low income families. For starters, most customers complain that tag mobile Fresno CA lack in quality and don’t necessarily provide top notch service as advertised. In fact, some low income families are in search of alternative phone plans instead of relying on the cell phone sacramento lifeline plan.

On the other hand, some budget mobile Long Beach CA companies have knowingly been providing phones that are way below the FCC requirements, which often result in malfunctioning applications and phones, and unreliable customer service. Nonetheless, based on the information from the FCC main website, all the minimal requirements to qualify for a lifeline phone plan change from year to year.

That means better high quality phones will be developed in the future that more people can use. But that doesn’t mean you cannot find a good phone from the lifeline green hills plan. After new reforms in early 2016, all the participating companies that offer the lifeline phone program are now required by law to provide quality phones that have internet access and hotspot functionality.

Lifeline wireless phone plans cater to income households!

While some cell phone companies don’t have high quality phones, you can never overlook the impact these free phones have on low income households. Today, having a smartphone has almost become a necessity. With duke city wireless san mateo phone plan, qualifying households can receive high tech phones from the nationwide lifeline program.

So, if you are interested in applying for California lifeline phones, now’s the best time. At net 10 telephones, you can easily apply for a quality phone under the lifeline program. That way, you can also receive a new phone at discount prices and the cell phone service will allow you stay abreast with all that’s happening in the modern world.

Besides providing free phones to low income families in California, cell phones around me lifeline programs also cater to residents of Wisconsin, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio, Mississippi, Michigan, and Kentucky. However, eligibility requirements often vary from one state to the next.

Can you transfer free phone for low income discounts?

If you want to find a lifeline cell phone providers in my area, simply visit California lifeline.com. But before the application is approved, you will still have to pay the regular phone rates. However, you can request the lifeline provider to allow you make interest-free payments every month. After you get approved for free landline phone for seniors, the lifeline administrator will refund you what you paid as regular rates for your phone plan.

You can access Californialifeline com using pin and then pay all the discount from the date when you requested for an enrollment, whichever works for you. And if you have a $10 credit balance, then you can ask for a refund from the lifeline administrator. But if you don’t request for a refund, the balance shall be reflected as credit on the account.

How to apply for californialifeline.com federal lifeline discounts

You can receive another Victorville welfare office number even after qualifying for California lifeline discount. If another person inside the household has a disability and can only use the phone using a teletypewriter, then that household can receive more than one phone. But to qualify for a second lifeline phone under the program, you should prove that you are disabled or deaf.

Additionally, more discounts are provided via the federal funding program for all the qualified residents based on recognized tribal grounds. That said, if you believe your household can qualify for extra benefits or discounts, contact California lifeline customer service. The will review your application to identify if you are eligible. Afterwards, they will request your local California lifeline administrator to send you an application form.

If you have a personal PIN, simply apply for lifeline discounts by visiting www.californialifeline.com. Complete the application form correctly and send it to the lifeline administrator with all the supporting documents. All pertinent documents should be attached on the form and sent before the due date. This is important because if you don’t provide all the vital documentation on time, then you cannot receive lifeline discounts and that means you will continue paying the standard rates.

How to keep you lifeline California discounts

If you are an active member of the California lifeline program, it is important to renew your plan annually without fail. In most cases, your local California lifeline administrator will send you the renewal form that you can access with your PIN number. Alternatively, you can file for renewal by visiting www.californialifeline.com.

On the other hand, you can complete the form and then mail it to your respective California lifeline administrator. Remember that if fail to renew the lifeline plan on time, then your lifeline discount will be cancelled without notice. If this happens, you will continue paying the standard rates on your phone plan. So, ensure you renew the California lifeline discount on time to say on the safe side.

For any queries about renewal or application, contact the California lifeline administrator or seek counsel from their customer representatives. Overall, the lifeline wireless program is godsend for low income households.


Even after you receive a free handset from lifeline, this process is not yet complete. So, after you receive the phone, you can enjoy unlimited free texts and minutes until your application is successful. Upon approval, you will be requested to choose the desired lifeline plan of your choice. Remember to renew your plan annually to avoid paying the standard phone rates.

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