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BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!

BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!


Do you live in these 19 states? Then you could get a free phone from Tag Mobile

Do you live in these 19 states? Then you could get a free phone from Tag Mobile

Whether you call it a marketing strategy, a way to save taxes, or anything else, offering free smartphones to the underprivileged residents of the U.S society is surely an act of kindness. And Tag Mobile, a famous telecom company based in Dallas, has been associated with this government-funded and operated program for years.

Tag mobile is one of the leading government phones companies in the United States. The telecom company joined forces with the Lifeline Assurance; a free lifeline phone provider in Arkansas, and now the combo is helping low-income families get free access to phones and the internet, across nineteen U.S states.

Where’s the Tag Mobile Website?

For your convenience and to remove any doubts in your mind, you can visit the website tagmobile.com where you can find reviews and testimonials from hundreds of customers online. The tag mobile website offers loads of information, such as:

  • Lifeline: The Lifeline Tab offers you to quickly enroll yourself with Tag Mobile Lifeline program and get yourself a free smartphone. Plus, you can recertify your eligibility and view the requirements of State eligible programs run by the U.S government. You will also get information about the documents needed to be uploaded along with the Tag Mobile Free Phone application form.
  • Prepaid: this tab allows you to sign up for the Tag Mobile’s prepaid service. After creating your account you can request for top-ups and pay for them online.
  • Shop: This tab gives you access to Tag Mobile accessories and services. You can purchase a mobile phone, order a SIM, or add minutes to your monthly talk time.

The website offers complete support to the visitors, be it FAQ, Blog, Customer Support, Terms and Conditions, and other authentic information etc.

Participate in Tag-Lifeline Here

As a participant of Lifeline cell phone, tag mobile phones have got access to the states of Arkansas, and Louisiana. Began in the mid-80s, tag Mobile Lifeline program has expanded across 19 states; including Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, California, Kentucky, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

Tons of People Need Free Phones—You’re Not Alone

Since the inception of the internet, most of the activities have gone online. Now, you can get quicker and more authentic information through online news channels and social networks. While updated technology is there to be had for customers worldwide, the need for such a program hasn’t been felt that badly before. If there wasn’t a free-phone program such as this one, there would have been quite an imbalance in the societies:

  • Incidents of mobile snatching and thefts would rise
  • With hundreds of thousands of people not getting access to smartphones, there would have been a huge communication and information gap in the U.S.
  • Underprivileged people would not have access to online jobs. They wouldn’t be able to utilize low-cost marketing channels and sell their products online.

Luckily, the program is there and so as the system.

The purpose of this program is to help poor families, elderly people, disabled, children and pregnant women etc, get affordable phone services in these states. The low-income families and disadvantaged living in these states can qualify for free Tag mobile lifeline phones in as many as 19 states today. And hopefully, this program will expand to other states in the future. People meeting certain conditions can qualify for free tag mobile phones. The tag lifeline cell phones are available to those with low income and those who have been registered under government assistance programs.

Are Free Smartphone Plans Different For Specific Tag Mobile Locations?

This offer for free government smart phone is the same for all the states, except for California state. This means that the Tag Mobile LLC offers two options to the residents of California but the rest of the states have no options.

California residents can get a Tagmobile 1GB Standard Plan with the following features:

  • A free government smartphone
  • Unlimited talk time every month
  • Unlimited text every month
  • For the first 3 months, 500MB LTE data is available for free. From the fourth month onwards, California residents get 1GB Data that includes 500MB for 2G/3G and 500MB standard LTE data.

Alternatively, there is a SIM Only Plan as well, which is applicable to 3GB SIMs. A California based resident can opt for tag mobile sim card with 3GB SIM Data Plan that offers:

  • 3GB LTE data
  • Unlimited talk time every month
  • Unlimited ‘Global’ texting every month

For other states where Tag Government Phone is available, qualified people can get:

  • A free smartphone,
  • 1GB LTE data,
  • A free talk time of 1000 minutes, and
  • Free Unlimited ‘global’ texting.

Minutes will not be rolled over to the next month. They will be replenished.

Note: Here, it is vitally important to go through the terms and conditions of the Tag wireless phone, or get in touch with the Tag Mobile customer service to get the details, because there are some terms the definition of which may contradict your assumptions. For example, ‘Global Texting’: Technically, the term means “texts that originate as well as terminate in the United States.” and you might have a different concept in mind.

Update: New Tag Mobile Account holders will now receive up to 500 minutes of talk time and unlimited texting every month. And you will keep on receiving them as long as you have their lifeline service and are qualified for free service.

This update also assures that all the qualified individuals are being assessed. Underprivileged families, until they meet the government’s low-income standards will continue to receive the free tag phone services.

Top Up Tag Mobile!

Tag Mobile Network offers three different plans for data top-up and two top-up plans for Text and Talk. You can visit www tagmobile to get the top-up. Alternatively, you can go to the nearby retail shop and purchase the minute cards from there.

Tag Mobile plans for data top-up include:

  • LITE Plan: 100MB of 4G Data (LTE) for just $4.95
  • PLUS Plan: 500MB of Data (4G LTE) for just $7.50
  • PREMIUM Plan: 1GB of 4G LTE for just $10

In terms of Talk and Text Plans, Tag phone service offers Premium and Platinum packages.

  • The Premium package is available for $5 per month and offers a talk time of 250 minutes (max.) along with unlimited texts.
  • In the Platinum package, you can get unlimited talk time and texts for just $10 per month.

These mobile data plans appear to be quite inexpensive and well within the reach of the disadvantaged or low-income residents. That also shows that the company, as well as the federal government, have a keen interest in helping the underprivileged to access all the main communication channels, just like other U.S-based residents do.

Apply for Tag Mobile

To register yourself for Tag Free Phone offer, you can visit www tag mobile com and apply online. While filling out the tag mobile application, make sure that you have all the necessary documents to quickly enter your particulars in the given fields. In case of any real-time assistance, you can instantly contact the Tag Mobile Chat team, and one of the support representatives will guide you to complete your form as well as submit it online.

Alternatively, if you think you don’t have the right expertise, or you’re not familiar with online verification process, or you have no prior experience of registering for any such programs, you can visit the nearby Tag phone service. If you’re living in Fresno, CA, you can visit the Tag Mobile Fresno CA store to get the desired assistance. Similarly, Sacramento-based residents can visit the Tag Mobile Sacramento CA store and register their names in the government free smartphone program. Moreover, those who live outside California can get similar assistance. Just in case, if you live in Texas, you can visit the Tag Mobile Carrollton TX or any location near you to get yourself registered for government free smartphones.

After submission, your request will be thoroughly reviewed before getting approval. If your request is approved, you will be entitled to receive these:

  • A free smartphone by Tag Mobile lifeline
  • Free minutes or unlimited free talk time
  • Unlimited global texting
  • Service through Lifeline

Qualify NOW for Free Government Smartphones Offered by Tag Mobile

The qualification criteria to avail free touch screen government cell phones is no different than it is for other companies operating in the same states. If meet any of the following conditions, you can qualify and get a free touch screen government phone offered by Tag Mobile California.

  • If you have Medicaid coverage, you can qualify to get tag mobile for free. Funded and administered by states, Medicaid is a health coverage to low-income Americans.
  • If you’re getting Supplemental Security Income (SSI) as an elderly, disabled or blind citizen, you’re qualified for all free government cell phones services.
  • People registered under the Food Stamp Program by USDA are qualified for this offer.
  • Those who get Free Lunch from NSL can get themselves registered for the government free smartphone program.
  • Low-income families that qualify for Housing Choice Voucher by FPHA can avail this tag mobile lifeline offer.
  • Those needy families that require Temporary Assistance (TANF) are qualified for Tag mobile phone offer.
  • Residents who are eligible to get support from LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Plan) are qualified for this offer.
  • People who can show proof of income at or below 135% of the federal poverty level also qualify for free government smartphones program initiated by Tag mobile LLC.

So, if you receive assistance from one or more of the government-owned programs as mentioned above, or if the aggregate income of the entire family falls within or below the poverty guidelines set by the federal government, then you may qualify for tag mobile lifeline phone program.

Get Lifeline Assistance

For thousands of residents across 19 states, Tag Mobile Lifeline program is like a problem solver. People who are already short of money, finding it hard to make both ends meet, can get free-of-cost or low-cost Tag wireless phones with ample amount of free talk time, and the latest 2G/3G and 4G data.

With the help of their Tag phones, low-income families can get emergency assistance when needed. These poor families can get information about financial resources, funding options, etc. available online. More importantly, they can stay connected with their social circle, friends, and relatives.

These tag mobile free phones are provided with free data and free minutes. They are working in accordance with the Lifeline Assistance Program. This program has been operated on the federal level and it is being run by Universal Service FUND. The idea behind the program is quite simple yet very important. It is about helping the less privileged with affordable telecommunication facilities, like Tag Mobile, so that they can stay connected with the world and strive for a better future.

Initiated in 1985, the Lifeline Assistance Program offers low-income families with low-cost or free phones. In the earlier days, the program was launched to support the poor people belonging to rural areas. In those days, rural areas seldom got any phone assistance.

Since 1985, the program has been running and evolving smoothly with time. Now, a large population of the world has been using mobile devices with smart features and functionalities, the Lifeline Assistance Program focuses on providing free or low-cost smartphones, such as free mobile iPhone 5, free government iPhone, or cost-effective government iPhone, government Android phones. You can checkout with your nearest Tag Mobile store and find the best free government smartphone, whether iPhone or Android. Make sure you went through tag mobile reviews before going for a particular cell phone model.

But before anything, you need to either visit tag mobile com or go to the company’s store in your area and open your tag mobile account there.

What’s the Catch?

Those who participate in this program will receive a basic phone, free talk time with predetermined minutes, tag mobile phone number, free texting, and free voicemail. Another benefit is that you’re getting all the prepaid services so there will be no monthly billing, no credit checks, and no contract bindings. Plus, you can get a budget mobile phone upgrade, if you want. Just visit the nearest tag mobile store and check out the tag mobile phone for sale.

Although you’re getting free minutes and texts on a monthly basis, along with a tag mobile free phone, if the allotted minutes have been consumed, you can purchase extra minutes at fairly reasonable prices. You can get 100 minutes for just $7.00. If you want more, you can get up to 500 minutes by paying $20. Even better, you can purchase 1000 minutes for just $30. But make sure you consumed all the minutes you purchased because you will get a free monthly recharge upon the month-end.
On the other hand, if you think that the unused minutes will be rolled over, you’re Wrong! All the unused minutes will be lost.

Like AT&T free government phones, you can get a wide range of free Tag Mobile smartphones from their retail store. Just search using the term “free government cell phones near me” and you can find the names of the government phone companies around you. To make your search more specific, you can find out tag mobile store locations and pay a visit yourself.

Currently, Tag Mobile has been offering the following smartphone models for Free:

  • Nuu X4,
  • Nuu N4L
  • Nuu N5L
  • Blu Dash 3.5 Ce,
  • Blu Dash JR
  • CellAlure Mini 3.5
  • Nuu NU3S

Subject to availability, these smartphones will also be available at a cheap price. For example, the Blu Dash JR can be purchased for less than $30. And Lush Phone Smart is the best phone under $50. You can also visit the online shop of Tag Mobile. Here, you’ll find the latest deals on smartphones. Don’t forget to check out the reviews of these smartphones. Only you can decide which model meets your requirements based on its built-in features and functionality.

What Happens If I Can’t Qualify?

Suppose, you do not qualify for the government smartphones program, still there is a chance to get a low-cost wireless device. With tag mobile’s “Pay as you go” offer, you can get a low-cost tag mobile government phone or a wireless home phone.

Tag mobile wireless home phone comes with a wireless device that can be connected to a standard or wireless phone without the internet or computer. The wireless devices is actually a terminal that connects to your home phone. You can purchase the terminal and other connecting accessories for $89. Remember, this is a one-time investment, so there will be no service charges or monthly fees.

The good thing about purchasing a mobile device is, if you qualified for the free cell phone tag, free talk time, unlimited texting, free internet, and LTE data, then you can use this terminal to connect other mobile devices and enjoy the internet. But keep in mind that you’ll be getting only one tag cell phone per family.

How to Do Annual Recertification

According to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) all the eligible families/individuals are bound to re-certify their eligibility every year.

Otherwise, the Lifeline subscription will be canceled automatically. If you failed to re-certify on time, the Lifeline free phone services will be disconnected on your phone. So, in order to keep enjoying the free service offered by the government cell phone providers, like Tag Mobile Lifeline phone, always re-certify your eligibility well ahead of time.

You can dial 1-866-469-8736 to get the automated response. This line provides round the clock assistance.
In case of any query, or any discrepancy in your documents, you can contact tag mobile’s customer care. Just dial 1-866-959-4918.
Just dial the recertification hotline: 1-866-302-5348, and get it done quickly.
You can contact via mail or visit Tag Mobile Carrollton, Texas 75006.

Get Tag Mobile NOW

The U.S government is making sure that its less privileged citizens also get access to the basic necessities of life. Telecommunication mediums and devices have become an important necessity for all of us, which is why the U.S federal government introduced a program to provide free phones to people who cannot pay the line rent and monthly bills.

This free phone program is more than 30 years old, and it has been expanding and improving with time. Now, there are quite a few government free phone companies that have been offering free cell phones to low-income families.

The Tag Mobile Lifeline phone program is quite an effective program that targets the disadvantaged residents from 19 U.S states. In order to avoid misuse of this free program and to maintain transparency on every stage, the verification process is there. Residents can provide proof of their eligibility and register themselves for Tag Mobile Lifeline free phone program.

Eligible residents can either go to tagmobile com and send their application directly to the company. They can also visit the local tag mobile store and get themselves registered for this program. Upon qualifying, the eligible candidates are entitled to get free smartphone government cell phones along with free talk time, texting, voicemail, internet and much more.

Even if anyone is not qualified, wants to upgrade his old phone, or wants an extra cell phone for his family, they can choose from the available cell phone models. If they cannot get a free government iPhone 5 there is a wide range of Tag Mobile’s own phones. Tag Mobile phone price is by far the most reasonable.

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