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BREAKING: Billions of Financial Relief available!


Obama is gone, but Obamaphones are here to stay

Obama is gone, but Obamaphones are here to stay

Many people have heard rumors about the Obama phone free program, or that there are free cell phones with the Obama plan at certain phone companies. For many people, these phones are only rumors though.

The truth is that there are free phones available to those in need today. The reality is that Obama phones might not be the most accurate name for them. The Obama phone has been a name that free cell phones have been given for years now, but these free phones actually started from policies enacted by a different president.

Below we take a moment to explore questions like “what are Obama phones?” “When did the free cell phone program start?” and “How do you acquire an Obama phone plan?”

By looking at important questions like the ones listed up above, and exploring requirements for the free phone program, we can help those in need to figure out how to qualify for these phones. There are companies around the country advertising the availability of an Obama phone, but most people don’t understand how these plans or devices work.

If you’re wondering about things like Obama phone cost, or what’s included with an Obama phone plan all that and more will be revealed down below. The Obama Lifeline phone is a hot topic for debate around the country, but it’s also a useful policy that can make a big difference for families that need a phone. Keep reading to find out how it all works.

Are Free Phones Being Given out by the Government?

Many people are wondering about the free Obama phone and if it’s possible to get real cell phones from the government without paying for them. The answer to that question is yes and no. The truth is that the government does offer phones to people in need, but the phones are given out by a program known as Lifeline and they don’t actually come out of tax money at all.

So when someone asks what is an Obama phone? And they want to understand how the program works, they should know that the Obama phones as they’re often called are free but taxpayers aren’t paying for them with their taxes specifically.

Instead, the answer to the age-old question, “what’s an Obama phone” is that it’s a phone given out through a special program that began decades ago.

Is Obama Responsible for the Free Phones?

There is so much information out there about what is known as the Obama phone program today that most people think President Barack Obama is responsible for the program that gives out the free cell phones.

The truth is that while Obama is giving away cash assistance through other programs and that the previous president did work hard to expand some assistance programs, he had no part in the phone program at all.

With so many people asking what is the Obama phone and how can they get one, there were articles about the Obama phone on Snopes explaining just how the program came to be. Obama phones to Snopes were around well before the president ever became elected.

So the Obama phone lady and all the other critics and supporters of the phone program are confused about who the program started with. The truth is that it actually began decades ago when Ronald Regan was president. That’s right, they aren’t Obama phones at all, but Regan phones or even Bush phones depending on how you look at it.

Lifeline Actually Began Under Ronald Reagan

Barack Obama cell phones are provided because of a program known as Lifeline. This program began as part of the Reagan administration to help make sure low-income individuals could still remain as part of society in every sense of the word. The program didn’t start out designed for cell phones at all and instead helped to pay for standard landlines that are seldom used in households today.

That program that led to the Obamacare cell phone as it’s affectionately known today was expanded during the Bush administration just before Obama came into office. That means that President George W. Bush actually gave the go-ahead to allow cell phone providers to tap into the funds offered by the Lifeline program, and that’s what made it so much more popular.

Once cell phones were included in the plan Obama phone plans became much more common and more individuals began using them every month as well. The program continues to grow to this day, though there are more restrictions and requirements for Lifeline than there were initially. There are also additional Federal programs worth considering like the SNAP program for extra help.

Busting the Obama phone Myth: It All Started with Email and Social Media

All the rumors about the Obama free phone began as a result of emails being sent around and later social media rumors. A variety of emails showcasing Obama phone pictures and information about a program that President Obama supposedly started were sent around and quickly grew in support until most people believed that was the truth.

Today people will go and ask for Obama phones free when talking with participating phone providers and even some of the providers themselves call them new Obama phones when advertising them.

The Lifeline Obama phone isn’t as a result of any policy put in place by Obama at all. The President simply received credit for a program that was already in place when he came into office. The Obama phone myth persists to this day and will likely be around for decades to come.

Who Qualifies for Free Cell Phones?

Many people have seen ads for the Obamacare phones or free government phones. These phones are available to some people that meet the qualifications of them. There are several different ways to qualify, but it really comes down to whether you have the right household income, or you’re part of the right Federal program.

Each Obama phone Lifeline handheld can be had by a single eligible household. With a name like the Obama government phone most people assume the program began with Obama and few ask who started the free cell phone program. The answer to that question is a surprising one though.

As a program that began with Ronald Reagan, it’s surprising that the Obama free cell phones program is being credited to president Barack Obama at all. Each phone in the program comes with an Obama phone charger and participating networks are handing over phone plans that can be had for $0 in monthly cost for the eligible holder.

Below we look closely at the eligibility requirements of these plans and just how simple it is to qualify for the right households.

What Programs Qualify You to Receive a Free Phone?

Many people ask how do you get an Obama phone and what sort of requirements must be met if any to start benefiting from the Obama phone program. The truth is that there are a few different ways to qualify for free Obama phones depending on a person’s current income and program reliance.

For those on Federal assistance programs such as Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps) and many others qualifying for an Obama cell phone is quick and easy. They simply need to show proof of using one of those programs and they qualify immediately just like that.

Below is a list of the programs that qualify for a free Obama cell phone:

  • Medicaid
  • SNAP
  • SSI
  • Section 8 Housing Assistance
  • A Veteran’s Pension or Survivor’s Benefits
  • FDPIR (Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations)
  • TTNAF (Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
  • Tribal Head Start

Even people that aren’t on one of the Federal programs listed above can still qualify for an Obama cell phone. They just need to have a household income at a certain level. Below we’ll cover questions like “what’s an Obama phone income requirement?” and “how do you get Obama free phones after qualifying”?

Qualifying for an Obamacare Free Phone with Income

It’s possible to get a free phone with help from the government with household income as a qualifier on its own. That income just needs to be low enough. To determine income eligibility the programs through the phone companies look at total household income and they compare that figure to the Federal Poverty level that’s established each year.

This Poverty Level adjusts based on state and household size, but a simple chart makes it clear what figure each person should be looking at. Earning between 135% and 150% of that poverty amount will qualify a family for an Obama phone smartphone depending on the phone carrier.

Those wondering “Are Obama phones still available?” will be happy to hear that they are as long as households meet the requirements to get an Obamacare free cell phone. This means having the right annual income to qualify. It’s also possible to receive an Obama cell phone number on a free phone and to have the Obama phones turned off by not meeting the necessary income levels the following year.

Each phone from the supposed Obama cell phone program must be certified in order to continue using them. This is an important realization because some people believe that everyone is eligible for these free phones. It’s important to verify that your family qualifies for the Obama free cell phone program through being part of the right Federal programs or meeting the income eligibility requirements. Only after meeting the requirements should you apply for the Obama cell phones.

Proving Your Household Income

In order to acquire a President Obama cell phone for use at home, you must prove your income to one of the members of the Lifeline government program. Fortunately, there are many different ways to do this. Below is an overview of the different proofs of income you can use to qualify for an Obama free cell phone plan to use.

Proof of Income Types:

  • Pay stub
  • Show Social Security statement
  • Retirement or pension statement
  • Veterans Administration benefits
  • Unemployment statement
  • Last year’s income tax statement
  • Employer income statement
  • Child support or divorce agreement

As long as you have one of these documents that showcase your household income you can visit one of the Obama free phone website addresses and successfully apply for free Obama cell phones. It only takes a few minutes, and there are plenty of Obama phone types to look through as well.

Work with one of the companies to obtain one of their Obama Care phones and you’ll have a phone plan that you can use for free for a full year. These plans work just like paid phone plans do, but they come with more restrictions on the number of minutes, texts and data that’s available. If you meet the income requirements you may also qualify for housing assistance, and assistance around the holidays among other helpful programs.

What Comes with an Obama Phone Policy?

These special phone policies come with limited minutes and data and unlimited text messaging usually. The plans give users around 250 minutes to use each month, though that amount can vary depending on the provider.

Along with 250 minutes, unlimited texting is also offered on most of these plans. Finally, there is a small amount of data that’s given as well. Many providers give 1GB of data or less with these plans.
The plans might seem somewhat limited compared to paid policies that are around today for cell phone owners, but they are much more powerful than no phone plan at all. These policies also make it possible to upgrade for a small fee to get additional data, additional phone minutes and other perks. Through this special upgrade process it’s possible to get just the amount of minutes that you need for the month.

What Does an Obama Phone Look Like?

“What kind of phone is the Obama phone?” is a question that providers receive all the time from customers interested in getting one of the free government cell phone plans. The truth is that an Obama phone touch screen device looks much the same as all the other phones available for purchase today. The Obama phone is a simple touchscreen phone typically and designed like older models of Android phones sold today.

The next time someone asks “what is an Obama phone?” just tell them that it’s a standard Android phone that’s available to use for free. Each phone comes with an Obama cell phone number that’s attached with the Lifeline program to provide a small number of minutes each month for use making appointments, talking with friends and family and just functioning in society.

Who Pays for These Phones?

Many people also want to know what the Obama phone cost to taxpayers is, because it’s assumed that these phones are covered directly by tax revenue. The truth is that the program doesn’t work so simply. The free cell phones Obama handhelds aren’t paid by taxes, but by phone owners instead.

It’s not Obama paying cell phone bill costs, but instead most cell phone and landline phone owners. Calling for no more Obama phones won’t save you on taxes at all, but it could lower your monthly phone bill by a very small amount each month.

The cost of the Obama phone program is a set of small fees added to phone lines throughout the country. Each new Obama phone plan is paid for by the collective in order to help everyone own a phone and participate in society.

The phone program costs everyone very little money each month, and it helps to make sure everyone is able to get jobs, make appointments and complete all their necessary calls each month.

Fees Tacked Onto Phone Bills

Every month cell phone and landline phone owners should look at all the fees on their phone bill. A small part of those fees is designated to pay for the Obama free cell phone program that’s known as Lifeline.

This program gives out an Obama phone phone number to eligible recipients as well as an Obama care free phone. These phones are designed to allow internet access, phone calls, and texts, but usually come with strict minute, text and data limitations each month. Only one Obama track phone is allowed per household, giving owners the ability to make calls as necessary.

It’s surprising just how affordable this program is as it’s subsidized by each phone holder throughout the country.

Signing up for an Obama Cell Phone Plan

After you’ve decided that you want an Obama free phone number you can go through the process to sign up for the new Obama phone plan that’s avialable through one of the many participating phone companies. Most of the plans offer a free 250 minute phone and many plans also offer upgrades that can be added on to that plan for a small monthly fee.

The process to order a free Obama phone starts by talking with a participating phone company and proving your eligibility to get free Obama phones. After proving your eligibility, you can go through the free Obama phone sign up process and look through the Obama phone models for your favorite option.

There are Obama phone pics of the different available models, and Obama phone info available as well to those that are interested. Taking just a few minutes to go through the signup process is all that’s necessary to qualify for one of the plans and to start using these phones.

Once you’ve met the requirements and gone through the basic signup steps, your new phone will be shipped to your home, or you can take it from the store you acquired it at. This is a simple process and one that thousands of people around the country go through each year.

Recertifying your Phone

After successfully meeting the requirements and being given one of these free cell phone plans, you will have to go through a recertification process in most states each year. This means proving your eligibility for the following year through the same steps that you went through the first time. This is a simple process that you can go through in just a few minutes. Take your time to recertify and you’ll maintain your phone service over time, otherwise, your service plan will come to an end.

Getting Help With Your Obama Cell Phone Plans

While working to qualify for one of these Obama mobile phones, or using the Obama free phone service there is a chance that you’ll run into issues. If that happens you should seek out help from the same company that you used for your Obama free phone program.

Call the Obama free phone customer service hotline for help with the issue that you run into. You will be asked for your Obama phone information as well as a description of the problem that you’re facing. Explaining it as accurately as possible for a solution to your Obama flip phone issue.

Most of the time an issue with your Obama phone free cell phone can be resolved within minutes, but there are times when you’ll have to exchange your Obama wireless phone for another product. Follow the instructions with care to get your plan back in proper working order once again. You can also take the time to apply for additional programs like single-mother housing assistance, or WIC to save more.

Conclusion—Can You Really Get an Obamaphone?

There are thousands of people that are participating in the free cell phone Obamacare program as it’s been called by so many. Even though an Obama phone isn’t tied to any program put in place by President Obama, and it would more accurately be called the Ronald Reagan phone program, it’s beneficial to know about the program and what it offers.

Take the time to get familiar with the free phone Obama phone program and you’ll know just what steps you have to do to acquire a free monthly phone plan for your family as well. Each Obama mobile phone comes with a plan that refills each month, ensuring that every free phone Obamacare cell phone is useful all throughout the year.

Sign up today and acquire an Obama cell phone free for you and your family. It could make a huge difference in things like job applications, scheduling appointments, paying bills and handling other important tasks. Having a cell phone isn’t a luxury today but a necessity and the Lifeline program makes sure everyone has access to this vital tool to live a functional life.

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