The Making Home Affordable Act And You

The Making Home Affordable Act (MHAA) is really a group of many connected programs, all with the aim of relieving financial hardship caused by home ownership.

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Mutual Benefits Of Rent-To-Own Homes

You’d be wise to consider renting-to-own (also called a lease-option) as a viable way to take the headache out of stagnant markets, unreliable tenants/landlords, or less-than-stellar credit.

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Winning Strategies For Rent-To-Own Homes

Renting-to-own can be a blessing if you long to own a house, but simply can’t afford one right now. Still, smart buyers like you should approach the process with reasonable expectations and a level head.

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Short-Term Loans: The Pros and Cons

Do you need money—fast—for a personal emergency? Before you ask your family for some cash, consider applying for a short-term loan.

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Are You Eligible For Disability?

Social Security disability refers to two completely different programs, the biggest of which is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD).

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Section 8 Housing Vouchers in Florida

Looking for information on Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program in Florida, low income housing in Florida, or free housing?

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Federal Funding Programs

Each year billions of dollars are distributed to the general public through government, federal and private funding programs in the form of grants, low interest and no-interest loans. Get your federal funding today!

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